Daily Archives: June 11, 2012

Mark Reads “Shadow War of the Night Dragons”

The story here: This fellow named Mark Orshiro, who has made a name for himself by doing stuff and recording himself doing it and then posting it online (at the logically titled MarkDoesStuff.com), did a thing where for $25 he’ll read anything you give him, up to 20 minutes in length. So someone (not me) […]

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Pictures from Yesterday

The fabulous Mary Robinette Kowal and me, slightly grainy, at my event yesterday. (Photo from Antmuzic) And now me doing my best Mary Robinette Kowal imitation, with her hat and fan and sunglasses (note: it wasn’t a very good MRK imitation. It was however, a strangely passable Truman Capote imitation). (Photo from Milkdud148.) Me and […]

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The Big Idea: Rhiannon Held

I’ve often mentioned to hopeful writers that doing something else with one’s life than just writing is often very useful for one’s writing. As a cogent and very interesting example, here’s debut novelist Rhiannon Held, talking about how the knowledge and experience gained in her day job made a material difference in how she crafted […]

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