Mark Reads “Shadow War of the Night Dragons”

The story here: This fellow named Mark Orshiro, who has made a name for himself by doing stuff and recording himself doing it and then posting it online (at the logically titled, did a thing where for $25 he’ll read anything you give him, up to 20 minutes in length. So someone (not me) paid him $25 to read the first third of “The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City: Prologue.” He does. And he does so completely blind — as in, he hasn’t read the story yet, has no idea of the story’s background, and has no idea who I am at all.

It’s quite amusing to see his reaction to the story. And he does commentary all the way through, which makes it even better. I may have him read all my things from now on. I imagine that if he were to learn the thing was nominated for a major literature award, his head might actually explode.

Enjoy. I did. The reading proper begins right around the 2:00 mark.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Mark got famous for reading Harry Potter w/o spoilers. Right now he’s watching Buffy and Angel and reading Sandman. He does reading for charity a lot of the time, he just went on an AIDS lifecycle ride that was funded entirely by fans who donated so he’d read stuff (mostly bad fanfiction). He’s kinda awesome.

I adore reading Mark’s reviews for MarkReads and MarkWatches. IIRC he started it all by reading and reviewing the Twilight series, chapter by chapter, followed by Harry Potter. The meltdowns and triumps (in that order) were epic.

This is what is so great about Mark Reads – he jumps in to books and shows that I love blind and writes up his reactions to it. Reading along with “Mark Reads Harry Potter” or “Mark Watches Battlestar Galactica” is so awesome because you get to see him respond (in his hyperbolic, silly way) to your favorite turns of plot. If you like any of the books/movies/shows that Mark has done, you are missing out if you don’t read through his writeups. Very fun! I’d LOVE to see a Mark Reads of one of John’s “real” books; I’ll have to post that over on his suggestion forum. As a longtime “Whatever” and Scalzi fan as well as a “Mark Reads” fan, this is just about the best moment of my day. Cool!

Ok…As enjoyable as your writing on this was, it pales in comparison to the enjoyment I recieved in hearing this read by Mark. He should definitely read the whole thing.

Mark and I were equally unprepared for this, and our reactions are pretty much the same – helpless laughter. My cheeks hurt from trying not to LOL at work.

(So many nuns. . .so many nuns)

I damn near hurt myself laughing…had tears running down my cheeks…and trouble breathing.

More fun, I think, than reading through it ‘cold’ myself when John first posted it.

Unlike my fellow Whatever followers, I made a note to watch this when I got home. Oh WOW!!!! I’ve been laughing in the living room by my lonesome. I’m sure the roommates think I’m nuts. Applause Applause Applause.

P.S. Thank goodness, I didn’t try to watch this at work.

Got to 3:28 and had to pause it I was laughing to hard. Tears streaming down my face. A co-worker just came in to ask if I was OK cause she wasn’t sure if I was laughing or crying.

I look forward to “Mark Reads Redshirts.” And “Mark Reads All Things Scalzi.”

“That moment when two things on the internet that you love suddenly collide…”

It’s also adorable how easily shocked Mark is.

Next time you are in whatever major city is closest to his home, you should invite him to your appearance, and have HIM read the super secret project (after you swear the crowd to secrecy of course)

The good news is that this link inspired my husband to make a video of himself reading that epic first sentence as the Swedish Chef.

The bad news is that he then watched it, and refuses to upload it because he thinks he looks like a dork. But at least I got to see it.

So, so, when does the trilogy come out? I want to read the whole trilogy… and even more, I want an audiobook of the whole trilogy, read by Mark!

I keep coming back to this video every few months – anytime I really need to laugh and laugh and laugh. Thanks for the story and thanks for posting the reading.

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