And Now, Wil Wheaton Losing His Mind as the Kings Win the Stanley Cup

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Because he’s just that excited. And speaking as a man who owns a Kings jersey of his own (albeit from the Gretzky era), I can’t say that I am displeased, either.

Fun fact: The other fellow briefly seen in the video is our mutual friend Mykal Burns, who, aside from having been a guest blogger here a couple of years ago, is one of my oldest friends in the world, having known me since junior high. Hi, Mike!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I actually have two. And I don’t worship pro sports; I’ve been a Kings fan since I was a kid because I thought it was funny that LA, one of America’s warmest cities, has a hockey team. This was admittedly more amusing when LA was one of the few warm-weather cities with a hockey team; these days it’s less notable.

The other jersey is from an Aussie football team, sponsored by “Scalzi Produce.”

I now have a reason to hate Wil. (Jersey Devils fan – but only when the Flyers screw up). LOL

The previous time the Kings made the finals (1993), I was in high school in Los Angeles, and despite that they got curb-stomped by the Canadiens, I still have fond memories of watching all the games on my parents’ TV.

I’m pleased that they won this time.

Thanks for the video. I’m a Bruins fan who’s married to a Rangers fan, and we’ve found Wil’s hockey tweets greatly entertaining. Between him & one of our other friends, we didn’t need to actually watch the game to know what was going on.

I’m just impressed that Wil has a vintage Rogie Vachon jersey. That’s the mark of a hard-core Kings fan. (My own jersey, like Mr. Scalzi’s, dates back to the Gretzky era, and was in fact purchased during their ill-fated 1993 Cup run, when the old Slap Shop in Westchester was selling Kings gear at steep discounts.)

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