In Today’s Very Special Episode of The View From My Hotel Window

The view is not actually from my hotel window, because my hotel room has a terrace. This is the view from that, looking down toward the streets of Manhattan.

I do not know what I did to deserve a terrace with my hotel room. Maybe nothing. Maybe it’s all an error and I don’t deserve the terrace. But I am not giving it back.

Dear Boston: Hey, You’re in the Book!

Did you know? It’s true: Boston has a cameo appearance in Redshirts. I call out the Freedom Trail and everything! That means we’re the best buddies ever!

And that’s why, when I show up the COOP tomorrow, June 15 at 7pm, it’ll be like we’re old friends. Because, hey, I don’t give a shout out to just any old city. It has to be special. It has to be fantastic. And that’s you, Boston. Full of fantasticosity. Yes, that’s a word. A word I just made to encompass everything about you.

So, what do you say, Boston? Will you come on down? I mean, I know that technically the COOP is in, like, Cambridge, which is not precisely Boston. But the love is still there! Honest. Remember: fantasticosity. I don’t just make up words for every metropolitan area I meet, you know. Think about that.

Think about it on the way to the COOP. We can discuss it when you get there. Right? Excellent.