Dear Boston: Hey, You’re in the Book!

Did you know? It’s true: Boston has a cameo appearance in Redshirts. I call out the Freedom Trail and everything! That means we’re the best buddies ever!

And that’s why, when I show up the COOP tomorrow, June 15 at 7pm, it’ll be like we’re old friends. Because, hey, I don’t give a shout out to just any old city. It has to be special. It has to be fantastic. And that’s you, Boston. Full of fantasticosity. Yes, that’s a word. A word I just made to encompass everything about you.

So, what do you say, Boston? Will you come on down? I mean, I know that technically the COOP is in, like, Cambridge, which is not precisely Boston. But the love is still there! Honest. Remember: fantasticosity. I don’t just make up words for every metropolitan area I meet, you know. Think about that.

Think about it on the way to the COOP. We can discuss it when you get there. Right? Excellent.

22 Comments on “Dear Boston: Hey, You’re in the Book!”

  1. Does that mean that, since Des Moines gets a shout-out in Redshirts, it’ll be added to a book tour soon?

  2. I’m thinking of driving down (given that I need to be down there the day after) to get my copy signed!

  3. There are at least three Coop locations — Harvard, MIT, and Harvard Med. Want to tell the nice people which one you’ll be at?

  4. 7 pm at the Harvard Coop, in the Square, Our Fair City. A stone’s throw from Dewey, Cheetham, & Howe.

  5. There is only one true Coop and that’s the Harvard one. You know, where all the red (okay Crimson) shirts hang out. I’m voting for dinner at Tory Row, staring up at DC&H while waiting.

  6. I flew across the country to get my friends book signed for him. Possibly the best birthday present I’ve ever given him. *grin*

    Ok So I flew from CA to MA to visit my mother and see my birth city (shout out to Newport RI).. Getting the book signed is just an extra special perk! Oh well and I guess meeting you is cool too. hehehe

  7. But did you sneak Boskone in there? Donald Kingsbury did that in ‘The Moon Goddess and the Sun.’ Sigh, wish he’d written more.

  8. I’ll be there! I’m very excited! And look – I have a ukulele to bring along in case anyone feels like singing…

  9. Totally asking my girlfriend to go pick up a spare copy of Redshirts (and maybe whatever else you’ve got copies of on hand). Also, love the new book! Read about 1/2 yesterday and finishing today on my day off!

  10. Argh! I’ll be on a ferry (which is pretty awesome as well) but still! I’ll be sending good thoughts towards Cambridge.

  11. Can’t wait! I’ll be taking the T up from RI (because I refuse to drive in Boston). Had to volunteer to work this weekend so I could have a weekday off, but it’s worth it!

  12. See you there, tonight! Will buy book there, for you to sign. Also, bringing ukulele for you to play, just in case no one else does.

  13. So much fun, such a great event! Thank you very much for coming and and also for signing my books, John :)

  14. Agreed, you sure know how to entertain a crowd! Thank you for coming to Boston! The next time you’ll have to reserve a larger venue, though.

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