In Today’s Very Special Episode of The View From My Hotel Window

The view is not actually from my hotel window, because my hotel room has a terrace. This is the view from that, looking down toward the streets of Manhattan.

I do not know what I did to deserve a terrace with my hotel room. Maybe nothing. Maybe it’s all an error and I don’t deserve the terrace. But I am not giving it back.

18 Comments on “In Today’s Very Special Episode of The View From My Hotel Window”

  1. Perhaps thy know you are a superhero, and need access to the skyline in order to look superhero-y?!

  2. I’ll be in New York in August. Could you tip me off after you leave as to the name of the hotel if it does not have bedbugs? Mucho appreciated.

  3. Am I the only one who sat there waiting for the picture to finish loading in, only to belatedly realize that it was done, it was just that the bottom portion is white?

  4. Do not trust Bus 2894 it is mischievous and is surely engaged in villainy. Be forewarned.

  5. The view’s nice, but I’m just hoping that you eventually post the picture you took of the bunch of us in the crowd at the signing. I’m curious to see what it looked like from your vantage point (even if the picture stinks). The event was a lot of fun, so thanks for the great readings. They made the 2+ hour ride in from suburbia and return trip quite worthwhile. And also, please forgive the following squee: OMG JOHN SCALZI SIGNED MY iPOD AND I HAVE A PIC OF ME AND HIM AND HE IS TEH AWESOME!!

  6. Griffin Barber @ June 14, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    They don’t think he is a superhero, but they know he is really in NY to have covert meetings with NY superheros. The book tour thing is just the cover story.

    Terraces are best for covert superhero meetings for a number of reasons. But because of the white bar at the bottom of the photo we don’t know if there is a flagpole directly below for the superhero to bounce or swing off of when leaving.

  7. Anonydude – me too! ChadL: Also, Tripadvisor has the hotel at 205/430 in Manhattan and there is a review that mentions bed bugs. The general manager denies it, however.

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