A Day Off

I’m heading home and as it will be the first time I see the family in a week, I’m going to focus on them rather than the Internet. See you all tomorrow.

12 Comments on “A Day Off”

  1. Enjoy, and thank you for coming to Boston. It was a pleasure meeting you. Not too sure about your singing though! ;P

  2. @Tom B –I thought his singing voice was just fine when he was in Pasadena! The Ukulele playing could have stood to be a bit louder, though… (no, not to drown out his voice!). :)

  3. Have a nice time! I will be happily opening up the hard cover copy of Red Shirts, which I bought this afternoon. Unbounded joy awaits!

  4. “But the Intrawebs will collapse without you!!!!!” – I am not sure about that but I would bet there will be several people walking around aimlessly without direction in life since they dont have their own.

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