The Now-Standard Post-Travel EMail Post (That’s Not Quite Yet Post-Travel)

Which is:

I’ve gotten a ton of e-mail in the last couple of weeks while I was on tour, much of it very nice e-mails from folks who have enjoyed Redshirts, the rest the usual mix of stuff. I don’t often have time to respond to e-mails while on the road, so over the next few days (i.e., through Thursday), I’m going to try to catch up with mail. This may be a slower process than you might expect because I am still technically on tour; I’m driving up to Lansing tonight for an event, for example, and next Friday I’m off to Minneapolis both for 4th Street and for a Saturday autographing at Uncle Hugo’s. But I will try to get through it all.

If you sent me an e-mail in the last couple of weeks and wanted a response, if you don’t get one by Thursday evening go ahead and send me a follow-up (although I may not respond to that until next Tuesday. Yeah, I know).

Also, if you have sent me an e-mail about how much you liked Redshirts: Thank you. really. I have read them all. I’m very glad so many of you have liked it.