The Now-Standard Post-Travel EMail Post (That’s Not Quite Yet Post-Travel)

Which is:

I’ve gotten a ton of e-mail in the last couple of weeks while I was on tour, much of it very nice e-mails from folks who have enjoyed Redshirts, the rest the usual mix of stuff. I don’t often have time to respond to e-mails while on the road, so over the next few days (i.e., through Thursday), I’m going to try to catch up with mail. This may be a slower process than you might expect because I am still technically on tour; I’m driving up to Lansing tonight for an event, for example, and next Friday I’m off to Minneapolis both for 4th Street and for a Saturday autographing at Uncle Hugo’s. But I will try to get through it all.

If you sent me an e-mail in the last couple of weeks and wanted a response, if you don’t get one by Thursday evening go ahead and send me a follow-up (although I may not respond to that until next Tuesday. Yeah, I know).

Also, if you have sent me an e-mail about how much you liked Redshirts: Thank you. really. I have read them all. I’m very glad so many of you have liked it.

10 Comments on “The Now-Standard Post-Travel EMail Post (That’s Not Quite Yet Post-Travel)”

  1. —- ” I’m driving up to Lansing tonight for an event” —– Surely, Tor has a limo that will drive you up! They don’t expect a star author to drive himself do they? You could use that time for more fruitful tasks than simply avoiding a firey crash (which is all driving really is).

  2. fiery — I know, I know that is why you gave use the preview button. I will use it eventually.

  3. I would really, REALLY like to buy some autographed copies of Redshirts, but there was no tour stop within any reasonable distance from me. Is there any book store that will be selling autographed copies, like you’ve arranged in the past?

  4. Hello Mr. Scalzi,
    I’m looking forward to your book-signing at Uncle Hugo’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota this coming Saturday, but the available online information has me confused as to what time you will be there. Tor’s link here says you will be there at 7PM. Uncle Hugo’s link here says you will be there 1PM-2PM – and that their hours are only 8AM-6PM on Saturdays. I’d rather not miss a chance to meet one of my favorite authors (even if only for the duration of a signature after any presentation you make), so what time do you plan to be there? Thanks!

  5. Thank you for a squeetastic evening.
    If you find yourself needing breakfast in Lansing tomorrow, The Soup Spoon Cafe, or The Golden Harvest are excellent local breakfast spots. The Harvest is small, and tends to be a bit more raucous, and they’re very generous with their portions. The Spoon serves up great food, and is right next door to a wonderful chocolate shop… mmm chocolate.

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