This Weekend’s Adventures in Minneapolis

A reminder to all and sundry that I will be in the Minneapolis area this weekend, both to participate in the 4th Street Fantasy convention and also to do a signing at Uncle Hugo’s bookstore on Saturday. Here’s how it is going to go down.

Saturday 1pm – 2pm: Signing at Uncle Hugo’s. This is naturally open to anyone and everyone, so come on down, get a book from the fine folks at Uncle Hugo’s, and I’ll be delighted to sign and personalize it for you. Please note that I will be doing a signing only and not a reading. But I promise to be chatty whilst I sign books! So that’s something.

Saturday 3:30pm – 6pm: I have two panels I am on at 4th Street: “Accessibility, Genre, and Depth” at 3:30 and “Collaborations & Shared Worlds” at 5pm (here’s all the programming for the convention). Otherwise I’ll be hanging about there starting Friday and through Sunday, so if you are attending, come say hello. I will not be having a formal signing there, but I’ll quite happily sign books you might have.

See all you Minnesotans (and a few out-of-staters) soon!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Alas, won’t be able to be there. Will send my future brother in law instead, whom I first met unknowingly at the last signing you did at Uncle Hugos, long ago.

Correct that there isn’t much room at Uncle Hugo’s. The original book tour schedule had John at Uncle Hugo’s at 7 pm, but that changed – as John said it might. Not sure if I am going to make it or not. I had planned to be there, but sometimes life events happen. We’ll see. If not, then I will take Kurt’s suggestion of having John sign a book that I can have mailed or pick up at a later date.

So excited to come tomorrow, just have to rearrange childcare. I have brought my kids to signings at Uncle Hugo’s before but it cost me about $75 in books they neeeeeeded. Also, for anyone new to the area there is tons of parking across the street in the Global Market and it is right on the busline as well.

I was hoping it wouldn’t be too crazy and maybe I could get you to sign some older books too. My first book was Agent to the Stars and it is still one of my favorites. I didn’t even realize it was the same author as Old Man’s War when an Uncle Hugo’s staff recommended I give it a try.

I am so there! I’ve been putting off buying my copy of “Redshirts”, specifically so that I may have it signed at the nexus of all that is cool in the universe, Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Book Store.

We barely made it before you left Uncle Hugos, dirty from work and on our way back after the brief stop at the bookstore. Thank you for being gracious – sorry that Red Shirts is/was sold out, but that’s a good sign. My brother was glad to have met you. He likes your books as much as I do.

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