I’m Traveling to Minneapolis Today, So Here’s The Replacements Covering “Cruella De Vil”

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This is from the Stay Awake album, which is seriously one of my favorite albums ever.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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This is kind of funny, you are coming to Minneapolis when 50% of the population is getting into their car to “go to the lake” or go “Up North”! Sorry to miss you.

I’m a big fan of “Baby Mine” with Bonnie Raitt and Was (Not Was). It does annoy me how they broke up the tracks on the CD into “medleys” instead of keeping them separate tracks, but the album is wonderful.

1. Try to get to Al’s Breakfast for pancakes. In Dinkytown, by UofM.

2. “Damn it all, everything, but the circus!”
Wonder who said that.

Somebody told us what we wanted to be.
It was candy… for the mind.
Look behind and you’ll see,
it was circusy.

It was Hi Diddle Diddle,
it was cat and the fiddle.
It was safe as can be,
it was right down the middle.

It was fantasy… fantasy galore!
It was everything we ever wanted.
It was that, and so much more.

Who was it that said,
“Damn it all!
Damn everything…
but the circus!”

— Ken Nordine

Farley – nope gonna be cloudy today & probably only in the upper 70s
OTOH – there are a couple thousand hot rods in town for a show, The Lopet Triathlon is taking place in Minneapolis and its Gay pride weekend. Good thing Hugos is not near Downtown or the lakes as its probably a madhouse of activity. Our kids are in town so its iffy at the moment if I get to go. Just found out I got a ton of things expected of me today!

I love that album, too. I have other Disney-inspired cover albums, but none of them have measured up.

I like the Ken Nordine pieces. Thanks for bringing this up. I didn’t know anyone but me remembered this.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you John!!!! This is one of my fave CDs too and it was lost in one of my many moves, then forgot about. That is until you posted this. I couldn’t click fast enough to order it. I received it today and am listening to Susan Vega sing Stay Awake and I’m loving every second of it. Oh… and Natalie Merchant & Michael Stipe singing April Showers. Now I’m having a happy day.

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