Not Bored With Me Yet, Are You?

No? Good. Here are three links for you.

1. The AV Club reviews Redshirts, offers some really big spoilers (so, you know, heads up) but also says this: “Redshirts pushes the limits of parody, then revels in the audacity of creation.” That’s going to the publicists, I’d say.

2. If you like hearing me talk (and talk and talk) then you’ll love this audio interview for Locus, in which the fabulous Karen Burnham interviewed me while I was in Houston. We talk about the tour, humor, the current state of science fiction, and other such things.

3. And if you finish that audio interview and still have a hankering for more of me yammering incessantly, I will hearken back to another interview I did, this one with Mur Lafferty for her world-famous podcast I Should Be Writing. This was recorded on the day Redshirts came out, so I talk about that, including the DRM flub, and other topics.

If you are bored with me, uh, dude: Why are you here?

What? I Am In An Airport Again? That’s Unpossible!

The good news is that I am going home. For about sixteen hours! I hardly know what to do with myself.

See you all this afternoon.