What? I Am In An Airport Again? That’s Unpossible!

The good news is that I am going home. For about sixteen hours! I hardly know what to do with myself.

See you all this afternoon.

9 Comments on “What? I Am In An Airport Again? That’s Unpossible!”

  1. Just close you eyes, and go to sleep. We’ll quietly back out of the internet and turn off the tight, until you com back.

  2. Sixteen hours at home in those circumstances will seem like a week — and like a minute.
    The security lines at MSP … don’t get me started. The terminal was rebuilt with a goal of having as few traffic impediments as possible. Then 9-11 happened and checkpoints became mandatory. I suspect that a good half of the corridors in MSP have been closed, some sheet-rocked over so you don’t even know they were there, but the traffic flow now is a nightmare..

  3. I know you said that Tor has been very generous and I have no idea of the logistical nightmare that rounding up a book tour might entail but it seems to me they have you running back and forth. Couldn’t they have run you up & down one coast then home then around the Mid-West & home then the other coast?

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