My Exciting Life of Excitingness

Look! I’m at an airport again! 

For those interested, my trip to NYC went very well. I came in primarily to be interviewed at the New York Times — no, not for a job (although if they ever need another columnist, all they have to do is let me know) but in the wake of Redshirts. It was my first trip to the new Times building, so that was exciting, and I thought the interview went very well. I will of course let you all know when the profile goes live.

Flying in for an interview and then flying back out in a single day is a little wacky, but I’m actually glad we did it this way because it gets me home to my family tonight and lets me spend all day with them tomorrow before I head off to the last two dates of the tour. It’s nice to spend time with family, you know? Also, I don’t know. Whirlwind jet-set appearances are kind of fun. At least today.

11 Comments on “My Exciting Life of Excitingness”

  1. Just went out for the paper, did you?

    Sorry I missed you in Minneapolis this weekend. Couldn’t be helped. Picked up my signed copy of REDSHIRTS at Uncle Hugo’s today – much thanks.

  2. I saw this picture and I thought, “Oh! That looks familiar! I think I’ve been there.”
    And then I remembered that EVERY AIRPORT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME.

  3. Well, I didn’t run into you in the city yesterday – good luck for you I suppose.

    OTOH – you with a column in the NYT? Would you have to have a lobotomy first so you could reach Brooks, or Doughhat levels of obliviousness?

  4. In the age of the internet, web cams, cell phones, etc it is amazing they jetted you there for not even a full day. Your carbon footprint went to hell over that I am afraid.

  5. I think I’ve done a there-and-back flight only once, from London to Frankfurt & back to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair about 25 years ago. It was a long day and I was pretty tired at the end of it.

    Not so long ago a friend flew out from the UK to France when I was there, had time to view and decide to buy a house (which he still has eight years later), meet and have a drink with the old farmer owners, have a bit of lunch with friends, and fly back to the UK.

    What’s more, he flew out and back with the same crew! (They had gone something like Southampton-Bergerac-Bristol-Bergerac-Southampton, with Pete starting and ending in Southampton). As Bergerac is also an hour’s drive from where his prospective house was, this was pretty good going… he had a little over four hours in France. Deciding to actually buy the house, which he hadn’t seen before except online, only took about ten minutes.

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