Off to NYC Once More

This time for interviews and business meetings. No public events, sorry. But if you see me walking about randomly, you know, because it’s so easy to spot individuals on New York’s uncrowded streets, be sure to say hello.

I may pop in here later today if I get a moment. This may involve me writing in a coffee shop. Yes, I know. Try not to point and laugh at me.

17 Comments on “Off to NYC Once More”

  1. Great – I have to be in NYC today so now I have to spend my free time wandering around coffee shops like a stalker!

  2. I remember in an SF book that I read years ago that a couple wondered: If you had to meet someone in New York City, but could not specify more closely than that where that would be, where would they meet?

    Where do you suppose John could be found? Coney Island? The Empire State Building?

  3. In answer to JReynolds: I would go for the main concourse at Grand Central Terminal. Well known, a transportation nexus, and a large open space in which to find someone.

  4. DG Lewis: More specifically, near the info desk/clock. Though it would be kind of cool if someone said, “Directly under Orion.”

  5. @Anne Bingham: Sure, I’m not only first comment, but, you know, meta, and of course, there’s no prize. Where’s my signed copy of his wedding photo? The unpublished script for the film reboot of “Star Crashers?”

  6. I did bump into Stan Schmidt on Park Avenue once, so apparently that is where to go to see people you know. He said it was the first time he had ever bumped into someone he knew on the street in all the time he’s lived and worked there.

  7. Now back to NY? I realize that scheduling a book tour must be a complicated business, but now I almost wonder if PNH has a bet with Satan.

    Catch the upcoming Tor title: Scalzi: A Comedy of Jet Lag

  8. Take a picture of yourself in front of the Flatiron building! 23 skidoo.

  9. Should have read the tweets. He left PNH’s office five hours ago.

  10. ( I wanted you to hear what I have to say on a previous article that is now making the rounds)
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