The Redshirts Tour Final Dates: Lexington and Louisville

As hard as it is to believe, the long, crazy Redshirts tour is finally coming to a close with two more events, one in Lexington and one in Louisville. After this I go home and have to, you know, start living like a normal human again, including writing books and doing SFWA stuff. I don’t know how I will handle the adjustment.

Be that as it may, here’s what all y’all need to know about the last two events.

Lexington, Thursday, June 28, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7pm. The final bookstore stop, so please come. As usual, I’ll have readings, special guests, Q&A, and the signings of books. It will be fun, and if everyone in Lexington does not show up, I will wallow depressively in complete and abject failure. You don’t want that, do you, Lexington? Of course not. So it’s all on you. Show up every other single town I have been to! You have the power!

Louisville, FandomFest, Friday – Sunday. I’ll be doing panels, Q&As and signings at FandomFest. Here’s my schedule.

Saturday 1 PM Humor in Speculative Fiction (Beckham Room)
Writers’ perspectives on the employment of humor in writing speculative fiction, tips, advice, etc.  Some great co-panelists here such as: Ernest Cline, Jim C. Hines, Laura Resnick, and moderator Lee Martindale.

Saturday 2:30 PM Spotlight John Scalzi  (Jones Room)
Moderated/guided by Michael Cruikshank of Joseph-Beth Booksellers, this session will focus on my work and career, with some questions fielded from the audience.

Sunday 11:30 AM  Exploring Genres Science Fiction  (Beckham Room)
Open panel discussion on science fiction, ranging from space opera to hard science fiction, in terms of where it is now and where it is heading in the near future in the writing/publishing world.  Co-panelists include Timothy Zahn, Debra Dixon, Stephanie Osborn (a writer who had a career working at NASA) and moderator Lee Martindale.

Sunday 1:30 PM Guest of Honor Signing (Expo Area/Joseph-Beth Booth)  
A full hour and a half reserved  to sign/meet and greet fans.  The signing area is by the Joseph-Beth Bookseller exhibit, and they will be stocking all of my titles for the attendees to purchase.

And then I go home. Forever. Or until ComicCon. But never mind that now.

So: Lexington! Louisville! See you soon. Very soon. Like, uh, in 24 to 48 hours soon. Yes, that’s it.


13 Comments on “The Redshirts Tour Final Dates: Lexington and Louisville”

  1. If you have time in Louisville and have not done so before, try to squeeze in the Louisville Slugger museum and factory tour….

  2. FandomFest sounds like a hoot. Wheaton should show up at your humor panel and speak in both your and Ernie Cline’s (narrative) voices. Have a good time. We missed you in Seattle. But we did get the RS preview and Papa Fuzzy, for which we are appreciative.

  3. Will there be a Canadian tour??
    And has your Mac Book Air show up from it’s unintentional break from you resting at an airport?

  4. Oh, poo. I’ll be in Lexington next month, not tomorrow. Any chance you’ll leave behind signed copies at Joseph-Beth after you go? There’s always a possibility one or two might last until July.

  5. Wish you would have came to Alabama! Only author that I remember doing that is Neil Gaiman. His reading at my college sold out in 2 minutes or so. No hyperbole. We really do read down here and are starved for authors to realize this and come give us a vist!

  6. Man, John, I’m really sorry. I live right outside of Lexington and would LOVE to come. I can’t, however, because my wife and I have a newborn child. That Joseph-Beth is a good venue. I met Aaron Allston there two days before he had his heart attack back in 2009.

    Anyways, if you need some tips on fine dining, let me know. There is a good steakhouse (supposedly the best in the country) called Malone’s. They have really good blueberry tea.

  7. According to, the projected highs for Louisville this weekend are 105 on Friday and Saturday and 102 on Sunday. Try to stay cool (at least, at the Galt House, there might be a breeze from the river). I’ll probably be skipping Fandom Fest and heading up to your neck of the woods (Troy-projected high 95) for a wedding reception on Saturday.

  8. I’ll be at Joe Beth tonight. But if I compulsively check Twitter for NBA draft results, forgive me. Normally I would guess there isn’t a lot of overlap in the basketball and sci fi fandoms, but this is Lexington. Basketball overlaps pretty much everything here.

  9. John,

    I had a good time at the Joseph-Beth reading. I didn’t a get a chance to say that I really miss your column, especially after I saw Prometheus and was dying to get your take on it. Also, it is possible to get rescue ponies just like rescue dogs, if that helps, which I doubt.

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