On to Louisville

And if memory serves, it will be the first time I am in that fine town. Looking forward to it.

Will update later, once I arrive. Keep yourselves fitfully amused until then.

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  1. Dear John,
    I finally got a copy of your “Fuzzy Nation”. I’m a die-hard fan of the FUZZY SERIES, but for some reason I can’t find any of the earlier books. It’s like they “poof, vanished into thin air”!
    What happened to them and why doesn’t any library/bookstore carry them?

  2. John,
    I will scare the shit out of my coworkers if I go all the way to fitfully amused. I’m going to try for cautiously optimistic and mildly amused. It’s been a crazy week at work and I am very happy the Friday is nearly half over.

  3. John,
    I think you will indeed find Louisville to be a fine town. If you have a chance, shimmy on over to Bardstown Road and hit up a couple of bars. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    -Jordan (a Louisville native)

  4. John, how can I keep myself amused now that I’ve finished Redshirts? Nothing in the whole world can replace that wonderful piece of text you extruded like….oooo is that a copy of Throne Of The Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed… excuse me.

  5. Louisville’s my town, but I won’t be able to make it out to see you :(
    There are some fine brew pubs in town, and if you decide to ‘go out’, avoid the “Fourth St Live” clubs, they stink. Instead, either check Bardstown Rd, or the Market St strip… much more lively, if somewhat hipsterific.

  6. I went to L’ville once when I was stationed at Ft. Knox for six weeks. It was a blast. But that was last century (’85?), so take the words of MrClock and Jordan, it seems it still can be a blast.

  7. So I finally get a chance to get a signed copy of Red Shirts at Hugo’s an MNSP and you are sold out? How does that happen at a signing?

  8. I used to stay in Louisville for a week every year for business. Here are a few of my favorite restaurants:

    Mike Linnig’s – The ne plus ultra of fried seafood. Catfish, shrip, frog’s legs & more. Served on Chinet no less. Indoor and outdoor dining on the Ohio River.

    El Mundo – Little hole in the wall that serves fantastic Mexican food.

    Mark’s Feed Store – Ribs & buttermilk pie. ‘Nuff said.

    Bourbon’s Bistro – Great food and 120 different bourbons on offer.

    And a used book store:

    All Booked Up – Housed in a little two story home and packed to overflowing with an eclectic mix of used, old, and out-of-print books. Last time I was there they had one whole room of paperback and hardback science fiction.

  9. Welcome welcome, John! I’m the fan who managed to meet up with your Fuzzy tour in Columbus through good fortune since a visit to Lexington conflicted with my Columbus trip. Alas, I will be unable to make Fandom Fest this year.

    Since bars aren’t likely your pick of downtime activities I’d recommend a walk through Waterfront Park. Pack your swim trunks and leave whatever shame you have at the hotel though because it’s hot hot hot this weekend and when you see the kiddos (and quite a few adults) enjoying the splash parks and Ohio River tributaries you’re going to want to join them.

    If somehow you’re not stuck downtown a short drive to/through Cherokee Park or Iroquois Park will help with any “missing of nature” that you might be having. Cherokee Park is surrounded by the fun that is the Highlands neighborhood along with plenty of ice cream and frozen yogurt shops to help with the heat.

    Let me know if those convention operators run out of Coke Zero and I’ll drop by with a 12-pack…I only ask for a photo in return! :D

  10. Louisville is lovely! If you get a chance, try Wick’s Pizza. It is ridiculously good.

    Mmm, Wick’s Mighty Meat. Mmhmm.

  11. I’ve been to Louisville once (and am planning a second trip for this fall) and loved it. Check out Proof restaurant at the 21c Hotel – its an art gallery/restaurant and very cool.

  12. We were actually there last week, wandering Museum Row for our anniversary. Since the convention is in the Galt House, you should check out the Bluegrass Brewing Company restaurant on Main St. The food is excellent, and the beer is, too.