In Today’s Very Important News

I have renewed my membership to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Which is good because, you know, I am president of that organization. And it would be awkward to be in arrears on membership.

And I’m not! So there’s that.

8 Comments on “In Today’s Very Important News”

  1. So the question becomes, which party is in power? The Science Fiction writers or the Fantasy writers. ….. It appears SciFi rules the presidency, can you accomplish anything in a bipartisan manner or do you rely on executive order?

  2. I could have posted this comment either here or on your “Year Half Gone” post. One of my goals this year is to join SFWA. I’m still working on the “getting published” part. I suppose I should say I’m still working on the “writing something to try to get published” part.

  3. But John! You could be the first one to let his membership lapse. If anyone questions it, just tell them you were demonstrating your fiscal responsibility by saving that money. After all, you have to pay for all that Coke Zero somehow.

  4. How strange, I did the same day as well. Coincidence, or is membership at the same time for everyone?

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