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Dear Brooklyn: YOU DON’T SCARE ME

Dear Brooklyn: The last time I was in New York, I was in Manhattan and I got a whole bunch of tweets that went like this: “If Scalzi was a REAL MAN, he’d come to Brooklyn.” Because Brooklyn is the crucible of manly manliness, apparently, where only the most testosteronic of humans can possibly survive, […]

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The Big Idea: Robert McCammon

The “bad guy”: Essential for many plots, fun to write, and fun to read. But what goes into making a bad guy bad? Is it more than malfeasance on the mind? In The Providence Rider, the latest Matthew Corbett book, set in colonial America, Robert McCammon brings the bad guy out to play. Here’s why, […]

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Redshirts One Week In

It’s chugging along very nicely as far as I can tell. I don’t yet have any actual numbers to report, but it’s been in Amazon’s top ten for science fiction for the whole week (both in physical and eBook versions) and the audiobook has been in’s top ten of all titles since it came […]

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