Today’s View From a Hotel Window

Yeah, this view does not suck.

For those who are wondering, I’m in San Diego, for Comic Con, where I am a special guest this year (eventually, it’s still a few days away) and for other stuff as well.

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  1. Welcome to San Diego! A little bummed I’m missing Comic-Con this year, but gotta keep the rent paid. I recommend trying Burger Lounge (I always went to the one in La Jolla, but I think there’s one in the Gaslamp too?) if you want a really good burger. It’s the first place I ever tried that beat In n Out.

  2. Honestly, when I’ve gone to previous ComicCons, I’ve been a bit surprised by how much still is comics. But most of the giant, central booths are videogame, movie, and TV studios (unless something has radically changed). I’d call it about 25-30% comic-related at this point. Not counting movies etc. that are based on comic properties.

  3. I’ve stayed at the same hotel, but my view was not as good. San Diego is a nice town, very walkable.

  4. Are you sure that’s San Diego? I see cloud cover. Isn’t that illegal in San Diego?

  5. Cloud cover is heavily discouraged – but you do see it with some frequency right along the coast line. Quarter mile or so inland it probably clears up.

  6. I’m sure your week is already scheduled out to the second like a mission to the ISS, but just in case you can break free for a couple of hours, go up to La Jolla and go kyaking. No experience or equipment necessary, get with a beginner’s tour, go out & play with the critters! We saw dolphins, lots of birds – you might see whales as well! Enjoy San Diego, it’s a lovely place.

  7. Enjoy your stay in my beautiful hometown! I’m getting my costume ready for the Walking Dead Escape- so excited to be transformed into a zombie this Friday the 13th! For anyone at Comic-Con, take a break and head across the street to Petco Park and watch the mayhem. I think there’s still “Survivor” tickets left too, if you want to run the course.

  8. This will be the first year I don’t go to Comicon since 1998.

    Have a daughter coming next week, I think it’s worth missing Comicon for. =)

    Have fun, Scalzi!

  9. @Christopher Walsh:  “Vhere are the Russian wessels?”


  10. Is it a real aircraft carrier or a gator freighter? I wish I could click to embiggen.

  11. I strongly recommend the Zoo. It’s truly amazing. Been there a couple times. The animals are incredible, of course, but the landscaping is also worth the trip. Absolutely gorgeous place.

  12. I think that carrier is an LPH. It looks to blocky to fly jets off the deck. Still cool though, I miss SD.

  13. Welcome to San Diego. Sorry about the *terrible* weather we’re having right now.

  14. @ G.V.E: they don’t call ’em aircraft carriers, but LHD’s are like CVs but full of helicopters and marines instead of jets. They look kind of alike from real far away. San Diego has a bunch of ’em and only one or two CVs it’s not necessarily a “suuuuupercarrier”

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