The Other View Out My Hotel Window

It’s nice to visit a city that has climate rather than weather. That is, when its climate is 72 degrees and sunny, all the time.

Off doing things. Be back later.

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  1. wow – 2 totally different views! do you have a corner room? or the penthouse? :)

  2. My late father briefly lived in San Diego. When I found this out, I asked him what possessed him to leave? He said, “People in San Diego walk out their doors in the morning, look around, sigh, and say, ‘Another damned beautiful day.'” AS IF THAT WERE A BAD THING? Apparently it is. Beats me, man.

    (That being said, whenever we have an unusually beautiful day here in St. Louis, I remind people, “If it were like this all the time, none of us could afford to live here.”)

  3. I’ve lived here my whole life and I always giggle when people who move here complain about the lack of seasons. It is just that the seasons here are subtle. The fact that San Diego weather doesn’t generally kick you in the head is a feature, not a bug.
    Besides, precipitation shouldn’t involve shovels.

  4. Yeah, you have no idea how hard it is to live with this perfect weather all the time…I feel bad for the weather man. What does he do after he spends two seconds on the forecast? “72 and sunny….err guess I’ll go to the beach.”

  5. wtgeorge, the meteorologists on Hawai’i TV stations have the same problem. That’s why we get lots of surf reports. Once they’ve said “Possible windward and mauka showers,” which they say every day with every reason to believe it’s true, they have to fill up the other two minutes of time their bosses have allocated for the weather “report.”

  6. I’ve lived in San Diego, and I’m telling you we have seasons. Boy do we! I mean in January, it can get cold enough that I have to wear socks. Socks! (Though I have to admit, it’s usually only that frigid for a couple days before it climbs back into the 70’s.) And the year-to-year variation can get pretty dramatic too; a couple of years ago, there was a rainy day in July.

  7. Psssst!!! The eagle flies at dawn….

    The Scalzi Laptop Liberation Front Strikes Again!

  8. Beach, 72 degrees? Sounds chilly actually. Anyway, if we come to the hotel will you be hosting a party in your room?

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