Today’s Schedule

Wake up (done).


Go down to local public radio station for my interview on Talk of the Nation (3:30 Eastern!)

Hang out with friends.

Go to my sound check for w00tstock.

Hang out with friends.

Perform at w00tstock.

Hang out with friends.


Somewhere in there I might eat and poop and Twitter (although not all at the same time).

That’s a whole day right there.

What are your plans?

42 Comments on “Today’s Schedule”

  1. Wake up (done).
    Work out (done).
    Shower (done).
    Work (in progress).

    Somewhere in there, hopefully there’ll be some cake, since it’s my birthday.

  2. Wake up (done)
    Go to work and look productive for 8 hours (In progress)
    Go home.
    Eat dinner
    Maybe watch the Big Bang Theory rerun if it’s a good one

    Yes, much more boring than John’s day, but then we all can’t be geek rock superstars.

  3. Celebrate 15th wedding anniversary by going out dancing with my Dad…it’s complicated.

  4. Work.
    Justify my existence at work (Mid-year review)
    NOT listen to your interview (as much as an NPR fan I am and admirer of your work) because of our local station dropping the second half of TOTN. Streaming? Forget it. Not Allowed.

  5. 6 woke up
    630 went to get some dog/cat/partner food
    750 started out to work, got here 5 min late, oh well my boss is out for two days ;)
    now til 430-5-ish working, working, lunch in between at some point
    5-9 go run a few errands, go home, relax, cook, eat, relax then go to bed

    Tomorrow, wax on, wax off

  6. Yeah, me too. WAMU has TotN on 88.5-3, I gots no HD radio. But they archive it, so I can listen later

  7. Wake up. (Accomplished!)
    Wish my mommy a happy birthday. (Done.)
    Breakfast. Even though it’s 12:30 already. (Soon to be in progress?)
    Browse freelancer sites and cry about money.
    Finish the Evil and Terrible and No-Good Short Story of DOOM!
    Or, alternatively, avoid Short Story of Doom and start revising other short story. Also of doom, but less so.
    Give myself a sticker in my writing calendar as a reward for writing! :D
    At some point, break to listen to you on 88.5 WMUB. (I don’t CARE if they got bought out by Cincy, they are *still* WMUB Oxford to me.) And it seems I can stream it online, so I don’t have to run out to my car to listen, which I consider a winning situation. :)
    Waste time on writing forums.

  8. 5:55 AM – Woke up
    7:30 AM – 4:00 PM – work
    After work – Return Redshirts to library (I really enjoyed it!)
    Read Hunger Games (am I the last one to read it?), do laundry and other various household chores until wife and baby get home
    Cook dinner
    Eat dinner
    Relax with wife and baby
    Put baby to bed
    Work out

    I’ll have to catch the ToTN podcast later

  9. I haven’t read Hunger Games either. Current books- Sadie Shapiro in Miami, War for the Oaks, and The Mother Hunt- all re-reads.

    Currently just finished talking to a new freshman and helped her register. Will see a hundred or so more new students this afternoon. Going out now for caffeine injection.

  10. Wake up (in progress)
    Get out of bed (done)
    Think about working out (done)
    Coffee (in progress)
    Email (in progress)
    Feed horses, dogs, cats (done)
    Chase horse down from hill (done, makes up for the working out part)
    Work from home office (in progress)
    Eat when I get hungry
    Play Spider Solitaire and Brickshooter Egypt when I get stumped at work
    Give up on working
    Feed horses, dogs, cats
    Water garden
    Drink wine
    Finish reading Redshirts (only a few more pages to go, darn it – want more!)
    Continue reading Stephen Baxter’s Evolution
    Shower etc.

  11. The rest of my day will consist of cleaning and cooking, then leaving the little man with the big man while I run off to hang out with some friends.

    A very ♪♫Happy Birthday to You!♪♫ Dani @11:58 am! I hope you get some cake today, too!

  12. Wake Up (done)
    Stare menacingly a alrm clock and curse it for its impertinence. (done)
    Shower, shave, dress, wallow in despair for the stupidity of the world. (done)
    Give my niece and nephew a hug, reminding me that there are good things in this world worth enjoying. (done)
    Drive to work. Try to ignore any stupid drivers encountered. Have been told that flipping the bird and yelling “Die in a fucking fire!” at my fellow motorists is unhealthy. (done)
    Get to work. (done)
    Work (doing)
    Slacking off work occaisionally. (doing)
    Midday ennui (done)
    Look forward to going home, have the day off tomorrow. (doing)
    Drive home, repeat my driving to work attempt at understanding the foibles of my fellow motorists.
    Play with niece and nephew before dinner.
    Have dinner with brother’s family, our Mom is coming over tonight as well.
    Read/watch TV/relax
    Go to sleep

  13. ” . . . I might eat and poop and Twitter (although not all at the same time)”
    What? Can’t you multitask?!?!

  14. Raining like a sumbitch here. Can’t do housework, I’m too stiff and sore to move (weather affects my joints something fierce, and I have fibromyalgia/osteopenia, so it’s not pretty). Can’t visit MIL in the rehab place cuz the roads are so bad. Ergo, can’t bring her dog to visit her. Just a crappy day all around. Sigh.

  15. Wake up (done)
    Make Giant Latte (done)
    Consume Giant Latte (done)
    Think about breakfast (done)
    Eat muffin that I thought about (done)
    Make and consume second Giant Latte (in progress)
    Think about going to In-N-Out for lunch to celebrate Mr. Scalzi being back in Cali
    Go to In-N-Out for lunch
    Come home and stay in pool rest of the day

  16. After a fairly normal (awoke, did a 2 mile walk, ate breakfast, showered) morning, I have spent much of the day following the fallout from the release of the Freeh Report on the child abuse scandal at Penn State, online and on the tube. I also picked up a copy of “big day coming.” Jesse Jarnow’s book on Yo La Tengo and the rise of indie rock, at Carmichael’s, my local independent bookstore.

  17. Real multitaskers tweet while they poop!

    I like to sit down while I tweet

    But need use of both hands when I eat

    The tweets are no wittier

    But the (cough) is no (cough)ier

    When expelled by the twooping elite.

  18. Try to erase the thought of you eating, pooping, and tweeting, at the same time.

  19. So…do we assume since you haven’t emboldened and marked anything else done, that you are still stuck on taking a shower?

  20. Get off a 36 1/2 shift at work (done)
    Pick up oldest son from friends(done)
    Visit middle daughter on way home(done)
    Drive 20 miles home (done)
    Make homemade mac n cheez(done)
    Be back to work by 5 pm for 15 hr shift…..
    Hope your having a great day John! MUAH! xoxoxo

  21. So Scalzi, how do you feel about Talk of the Nation having the Freeh report as the lead-in to your Redshirts interview?

  22. Half the day is done. I haven’t been anywhere or done anything. Oops – call the BPAP machine people about swollen nose (done). Cotton here we come. Some reading, ‘puter stuff, more reading, some TV . . . go to bed. Tomorrow up for grabs. I love you, son.

  23. That’s crazy, my schedule is exactly the same. And by exactly the same I mean it looks nothing like that. Except that I won’t be pooping and twittering at the same time.

  24. Wake up,
    go to work
    work/ look at your blog at work
    go to art gallery and pick up items no longer in my show
    eat sometime
    finsh reading ghost brigades (3rd time)
    text co-worker at comic con to remember to use his break away from the booth to go see you and get your autograph for me tomorrow

  25. Can’t help but notice that its now nearly 1:30 on the west coast and you still haven’t marked “shower” as (done).

  26. “So…do we assume since you haven’t emboldened and marked anything else done, that you are still stuck on taking a shower?”

    He might have hit his head. We should probably call emergency services.

  27. Wake up – done.
    Do pregnancy test – done (inconclusive).
    Take baby #1 for her shots.
    Hang out with mum and sister, waiting for Text publishing to ring – I’m on the shortlist for their YA novel contest, and if I win they’ll give me a $10,000 advance. If I come second or third, they’ll give me a pat on the back (still nice and all. . .) They said they’d tell us the results today.
    Do one hour of paid work.
    Spend my day’s pay on chocolate.

    Louise Curtis

  28. Had a beautiful day with no plans. Serious friend coming over for supper. Still living the dream, with writing thoughts rebounding, and the awesome frustration of getting it all down on paper. The wolf will be at the door, soon enough. Meanwhile, it is officially summer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  29. Woke, showered, got dressed. Fed & injected the cat. Spent the morning cleaning, while waiting for the handyman my husband hired yesterday. Husband, who is on vacation, stayed up all night watching Battlestar Gallactica on Netflix, and went to bed when I got up. Handyman showed up at noon, couldn’t do the work until Saturday. Contractor shows up on Saturday. This should be fun. Went out at noon, got cat food, people food. Came home, had ice cream. Husband got up, the cat & I took a nap. Now we’re all awake, watching more Battlestar.

  30. Get up. Ponder current state of affairs. Breakfast. Drive. Take over the World. Sit back and enjoy. Realize I’m now responsible for Syria and North Korea and Iran. Panic briefly. Consider dropping small mountain on Bashir Assad. Decide it’s not ripe for terminal resolution yet. Return control of crazy places to crazy people. TBD: Drive. Dinner. Sleep.

  31. Get up. Drink coffee. Cook something for lunch. Shower. Dress. Bike to work. Get required sticker to lock bike in rack at work. Tell colleague about new sticker rule. Change into work clothes. Work (not too hard) for 4 hours. Eat lunch. Work 2 more hours, somewhat more seriously. Change out of work clothes. Bike to dojang. Change into uniform. Practice tae kwon do. Change out of uniform. Bike home (very narrowly avoiding getting doored). Eat. Shower (another change of clothes, yeesh). Drink beer. Watch TV. Read message boards. Type responses. Read blogs. Submit comments. (Done.)

    To do list: Finish beer. Brush teeth. Go to bed.

  32. Kevin Williams says:
    Don’t lie. Famous people don’t poop.

    Don’t Lie. People at Comic Con don’t shower.

    (A cheap shot in the name of a stereotype is no vice).

  33. “Somewhere in there I might eat and poop and Twitter (although not all at the same time).”

    Yeah, because it’s kind of hard to tweet on the john when you have a sandwich in one hand and your smartphone in the other. It’s doable, but I wouldn’t want to.

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