Not Dead

Just busy. Chat with you all later.

15 Comments on “Not Dead”

  1. We figured you were busy. Besides, if you were dead I’m sure your Wikipedia entry would have been updated with the news of it by now.

  2. Darn. I was hoping so so I could raise you again as a ghoul.

    Everyone needs their own Ghoul Scalzi.

  3. Since Mr. Scalzi is not a medical doctor, can we really accept his judgement on this question?

  4. *Quietly places a “I ATE’NT DEAD” sign on the blog.*

    Very good. That’s that, then.

  5. He didn’t say he wasn’t UNDEAD.

    I always knew the zombie apocalypse would start at SDCC.

  6. Just read God Engine. Are you going to do more stories set in this universe like you did with Old mans war?

  7. I hope your feet didn’t fall off! Thank you for signing my books, I’m very glad to have met you today. Now I’m off to read Redshirts if my legs don’t fall off* on the way to the bedroom.

    *It’s just a flesh wound.

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