Thesis: ComicCon is Awesome But Sucks Time From You

Seriously, I am amazed at how much stuff I am doing and how quickly time gets away from me. Just yesterday I:

* Met with my editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden and talked future projects;

* Walked the ComicCon floor and met Jerry and Mike from Penny Arcade in real life for the first time, after having known them online for more than a dozen years;

* Hung walked the floor some more with Paolo Bacigalupi as we caught up and talked business;

* Did an interview with Sword & Laser about Redshirts and other stuff (not up on their site yet, but I imagine will be soon);

* Did my signing at the Tor booth with featured Paul and Storm as my opening band;

* Hung out after my signing with Scott Westerfeld and my friend from high school Hiro (last name not Protagonist);

* Went to a writer’s meetup where I caught up with Paul Cornell and roughly all of the writers and crew of The Walking Dead;

* Finished up at Adam Savage’s party with most of the gang from w00tstock, and folks from Big Bang Theory and Eureka.

All of which is why I have pretty much nowhere near teh Intarweebs yesterday. Sorry.

On the agenda today: More wanderings, meetups, signings, a spotlight panel on me me me me and then parties. Interesting things are afoot. I hope your own Saturday is likewise full of fun.

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