Thesis: ComicCon is Awesome But Sucks Time From You

Seriously, I am amazed at how much stuff I am doing and how quickly time gets away from me. Just yesterday I:

* Met with my editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden and talked future projects;

* Walked the ComicCon floor and met Jerry and Mike from Penny Arcade in real life for the first time, after having known them online for more than a dozen years;

* Hung walked the floor some more with Paolo Bacigalupi as we caught up and talked business;

* Did an interview with Sword & Laser about Redshirts and other stuff (not up on their site yet, but I imagine will be soon);

* Did my signing at the Tor booth with featured Paul and Storm as my opening band;

* Hung out after my signing with Scott Westerfeld and my friend from high school Hiro (last name not Protagonist);

* Went to a writer’s meetup where I caught up with Paul Cornell and roughly all of the writers and crew of The Walking Dead;

* Finished up at Adam Savage’s party with most of the gang from w00tstock, and folks from Big Bang Theory and Eureka.

All of which is why I have pretty much nowhere near teh Intarweebs yesterday. Sorry.

On the agenda today: More wanderings, meetups, signings, a spotlight panel on me me me me and then parties. Interesting things are afoot. I hope your own Saturday is likewise full of fun.

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  1. Wow! John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton, and Dr. Sheldon Cooper all at the same party. THe mind boggles.

  2. You’re making me so insanely envious I just want to bite myself. Since I can’t come to San Fucking Perfect Diego and bite you, that is. Have lots of fun, and I’ll just pretend. Fooey.

  3. I plan to spend my Saturday doing one thing: walking from Seward Park to Log Boom Park, which will be roughly 19.4 miles, or 1/3 of the way around Lake Washington. I plan on doing the other 2/3 later this month.

  4. I’m cleaning out a garage refrigerator at the park were I work. It stopped working last week when it was103*. The freezer was full of frozen mice for our snake and other misc dead stuff. It’s 85* , 100% humidity. Could I be having more fun?

  5. @Dave Branson: I’ve biked from Sammamish to Log Boom Park – nice place. Saw an amazing pair of bald eagles fishing that day. Have fun!

  6. It was a boring Saturday until the multi-car auto accident nearly surrounded me (both I and my car are fine.) It is always astonishing what an auto will do when it hits something at a high rate of speed. I don’t know what happened to the red-light runner’s driver and passengers; that car is unsalvageable, maybe a half-dozen others to my left and ahead of me damaged. 911 told me to just turn right over the curb and drive away westward, they could see me on the intersection camera, I was not to go into the mob around the car. I could hear and see ambulances arriving and did as I was told.

    Running a red light isn’t worth it.

  7. I am spending the weekend finishing Adam Christopher’s Empire State, which I hadn’t read for a while because I was too busy reading the books in my Nook. Now that my Nook has died, I am going back to reading the old fashioned way. It’s still hard to resist the temptation to swipe a word and get an almost instant definition. If only there were a hard copy book with word definitions in it….

  8. John, I keep waiting to see you on Big Bang Theory. Maybe Wil could get you in? I’m thinking a good argument scene about obscure films with Sheldon.

  9. Dana: Wonderful idea. You should be an agent.
    John: Oh please, do it! Make your acting debut in style!

  10. htom: In January, my husband was in an accident when a red-light runner slammed into a Tahoe, which then slammed into hubby’s Sable. The RLR, naturally, had no license and no insurance. The Tahoe was towed from the scene, dunno what happened to it or the driver. Hubby was able to drive away from the scene, but his car was so old (’96) and so mangled our insurance company totaled it out. So we ended up having to buy a new(er) car. Not really in our budget, but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do.

    As you noted, running a red light isn’t worth it!

  11. ComicCon sounds fun, but where I am don’t suck. My spouse and I are at the Green River Festival in Greenfield. Lots of great music here, including Arlo Guthrie later on, helping us all celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Woody’s birth.

  12. Bearpaw, glad to see another Mass. person here. I’ve seen Arlo several times, always a great show. Just don’t be that obnoxious guy who keeps shouting ‘pickle!’ over and over…

  13. Would it be small of me to mention that I HATE YOU JOHN SCALZI!? or maybe I’m (along with the rest of the observable universe) just a tad bit envious…..

  14. My Saturday is full of dishes and laundry and cleaning and shopping and cooking. Don’t judge me. You discharge your responsibilities, and I will discharge mine.

    “And what did we eat for dinner on that first night, Neil?”
    “…uh… …plants and goldfish?”

  15. My Saturday involved several zip lines and a rope course. Not as cool as your Saturday, but pretty damn fun.

  16. Saturday I met with George Lucas, James Cameron and Steven Speilberg. I’m trying to decide which one I want to Produce and or direct my latest movie idea with a tv follow on series. They were fighting over my idea.
    After that I met with George RR Martin to give him some ideas and help him write a little faster. He gave me a few chapters that I’m going to ghost write for him.
    I then took a plane to Philadelphia. While on the plane I ran into my old friend Andy Ried, the Eagles head coach and I drew up a few new plays for him for next year. I think they’ll work great.
    Then in Philly, I went to the Rodger Waters concert where my buddy Rodger called me up on stage to sign Wish You Were Here, since he said he couldn’t do it as well as David Gilmore he figured I could give it a shot.

    You know, I can’t even make up a day that sounds as cool as yours. Who are you? Buckaroo Banzi?

  17. I filled in my tax return this morning… made French fries afterwards with our 9 year old daughter. Then produced the rest of the meal with our 10 year old son (fried shrimp, salad with garlic sauce, oven baked bread). Had a wonderful meal. Lay down on the couch, watched the Tour de France. Later on some more bread with an excellent white wine. Holidays are heaven.

  18. Really, you’re at ComicCon, doing all this amazing stuff, and you’re taking time to worry about US? Go play, and you can tell us about it later. :-)

  19. I spent Saturday at a picnic for staff of the local SF con, Marcon. And when I got home, I found that I won an awesome fiber prize for a picture of my spinning at Tour de Fleece.

  20. “…I have pretty much nowhere near teh Intarweebs yesterday. Sorry.”

    Sorry? You’re wasting time apologizing when there’s clearly so much cool stuff to do? :)

  21. Please tell me you took the child and the wife. I look so forward to Athena’s tell all book about being the daughter of a famous geek. I am sure there will be several chapters dedicated to Adam Savages parties. snorting coke zero off Felicia Day’s palm? discussing string theory and gay marriage with Jim Parsons. many other geeks screaming “WHEATON” after he spills the guacamole on the floor.

    Colour me big J jealous.

  22. Oh man, Scott Westerfeld was there too?!? I’m re-re-re-reading his “Leviathan” trilogy right now. I’m so jealous of you that I actually felt my mouth increase the production of saliva. (Huge compliment, or just creepy? You decide.)

    Louise Curtis

  23. Damn! In hindsight my Saturday was a day long colonoscopy compared to yours. Just not literally, but on the comparitive fun scale that’s where it sat.

  24. Aaron, you’re not the only one. Lightening hit our house late Saturday and fried the HVAC (in the middle of a Texas summer), my wife’s PC, my wireless AP, and several bits of Verizon FiOS equip (no Internet for YOU!) amongst other things. Hey, at least it didn’t catch the house on fire :)

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