And Then, When I Came Back Home, These Were the Books That Were Waiting For Me

Ermahgerd! Berks! Let me know if there’s anything in this pile you lust for. A larger version of the picture is here.

In other news, I and all my family members are now back at home after 10 days away. It was a lovely vacation and Comic Con was a blast (apparently I also won it, which is convenient because I have a yard to fit my share of the winnings in), but it’s nice to be home and HOLY CRAP I HAVE SO MUCH WORK NOW. Er. Mah. Gerd.

Anyway: Hello, Ohio!

38 Comments on “And Then, When I Came Back Home, These Were the Books That Were Waiting For Me”

  1. It took me moment to realize that the books were standing with their spines up, not floating in a stack..

    Now which of those should I read with my very limited free time?

  2. It takes a powerful man to make Comic-Con a vacation, while winning it. Well done! Enjoy being home with your great family, and thank you again for your kindness, time, and attention.

  3. You have ALL THOSE COOL-LOOKING BOOKS to read, and you expect us to feel SORRY for you?!

  4. King of thorns is going to be an excellent book I’m jealous you get it for free.

  5. I would take Kari’s book with much glee if you are not itching to read it at this moment.

    Glad you had a good trip- try to get some relaxing in there amidst the work!

  6. Maybe it was Jerry Pournelle.
    His wife was laughing her face off and told him that they’d
    done it, they’d really done it, they’d finally done it:
    The UPS delivery people had really put so many boxes of
    books on the porch that she could not open the front door.

  7. So, daughter will be 12 next summer and is totally jealous of your Adam Savage party update. Is 12 old enough for SDCC?

  8. Considering how often you win the internet, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when you won ComicCon.

  9. Mmm. I covet that Jean Johnson book. It’s on my to-library-stalk list for this month’s new books.

  10. The title of Quantum Coin had me interested, checked it out on Goodreads and now I need to go find the first in the series. Oddly Normal looks good too, but it probably is heart-breaking at times.

    Congrats on winning Comic Con, do you get a medal or a trophy? Seriously, Redshirts is excellent and I look forward to the inevitable movie.

  11. After reading the description of “Oddly Normal”, I’ll definitely have to read it. Helping kids deal with their sexuality is always challenging, even when it’s heteronormative. Anything that gives the counseling field (or at least my tiny corner of it) added insight into helping kids who find themselves dealing with being gay is always welcome.

  12. If you’re not going to use that Thomas Ligotti, I’ll take it.

  13. I would be happy to have anything that you sent me. A free book from John Scalzi himself, would be the pinnacle of my almost complete library of your works.

  14. WAIT did I read correctly……… the may be ANOTHER OMW book in the works ????????

    If so YYYEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA ……. when, when, when, WHEN DAMMIT !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh PLESAEEEEEEE say it’s SOOOOO…… please pleae please pleaseeeeeeeeee…..

  15. An Officers Duty : Theirs Not to Wonder Why Book 2 by Jean Johnson (sequel to A Soldier’s Duty — an excellent military science fiction novel that I thoroughly enjoyed last year!)

    I enjoyed Redshirts (but it’s no “Old Man’s War”), so I’m also eagerly awaiting The Human Division!!

  16. Fair Coin was excellent. So wish I didn’t have to wait until October for Quantum Coin. I guess being a best-selling author has it’s perks… I should totally get on that, as I’d like to have advanced copies of books sent to my home.

  17. Hey, um, I respect you so I think it’s worth pointing this out… this “ermahgerd” meme is showing up everywhere, but it really seems to me like it’s making fun of the way people with speech and cognitive disabilities talk. (Know Your Meme says it’s “retainer lisp,” but that would sound more like “bookth.”) You have a big audience, and help define what is cool and what is not cool for our subculture, so I’d urge you to just give this one a couple minutes of thought. Thanks.

  18. I have the Diviner in hardback, as it was a “Borders is closing, sadness, ooh, deals” purchase. It’s one of the scheduled prequels to The Golden Key that hasn’t materialized until now. Don’t try to make the details of this Diviner match up with the (sparse) description in the Golden Keys, because she obviously revised her conception over the intervening time. Good read.

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