My w00tstock 4.0 Performance: “To Sue The World,” Featuring Patrick Rothfuss

I think you can tell we had fun with this. And if you watch closely you’ll see an extra special cameo!

Many thanks to “retrogradeheart” for recording and posting this!

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  1. Yeah, I’d focus on your writing more than an acting career.

    Just sayin’…

  2. That was friggin hilarious! I loved that through the whole thing there was something on stage the looked like a surprised face. Not sure exactly what it was though. And the cooking bacon naked like and the swat with the script, hilarious!

    Kudos to you and Pat.


    IN RE: The Bar Association Meta-Ethics Review Panel v Brandon Smith (Koenig, Nichols, and Montalban)


    A case of Barratry was brought before the Meta-Ethics Review Panel, claiming that Mr Smith and his firm attempted to extort 37 quadrillion dollars from the Universal Union in a falsified workplace safety claim. The review panel took testimony from Mr Smith, a Mr Rothfuss (witness to the extortion), an Universal Union Space Fleet ensign who will not be identified due to his status as a minor, and several hundred others who were in attendance when the threat was publicly made.

    It is the opinion of this review panel that the extortion was transparent and preceded no actual claim or lawsuit, and sought something of great value (37 quadrillion dollars, or in alternative the planet of Cygnus 17). Under the “Rock Paper” theory of Barratry advanced last Tuesday by this panel, we find that these two legs support a conviction of the underlying offense. We withhold judgement on the third leg, underlying facts of the case, as the testimony of the unnamed ensign was cut short following the regrettable shuttlecraft / wormhole incident as he was returning to court for his second day of testimony. We wish him well in his recovery from electrical burns and multiple broken limbs.

    The Meta-Ethics Review Panel has great latitude in attempting to right wrongs committed against the legal profession or society as a whole by those who work in the field. We were stymied as to how to right this particular wrong for all of 38 minutes; Professor Roddenberry wanted to allow the underlying case to proceed to court, Mister Abrams was adamant that tarring and feathering of the defendant was a minimum acceptable response, and Judge Sternbach was unable to make up his mind. The panel has finally decided upon the one reasonable solution for all:

    HELD: Mr Smith is awarded the planet of Cygnus 17.


  4. Looks like you and Pat had a fabulous time. Not an easy thing to do and you both nailed it!

  5. [Deleted because Midas has a hobby horse and he’s going to ride it whether it has any relevance to the post at hand. Midas, you’re boring me, and in terms of being able to comment here, that’s a dangerous thing – – JS]

  6. Sorry, but as I mentioned to Scalzi at his Cincinnati stop, this would probably be governed by Workers’ Compensation law and (having practiced Workers’ Compensation law for about 20 years) i can say in most jurisdictions, you cannot recover pain and suffering in Workers’ Compensation actions.

  7. I like Hobby Horses(I get em at discount prices)
    I understand the censorship John, Im trolling I know.

    [Continued off topic blatheration deleted. Come back when it’s relevant to the discussion at hand, Midas — JS]

  8. I like it. While it’s true that you’re not an actor, John, I like the way you read. It’s easy to understand what you’re saying, for reasons similar to those that make you a good interview subject.

    Btw, I’m glad to have an answer to my question from a previous thread: the ‘a’ in ‘Scalzi’ is as in ‘father’ not as in ‘bad’. Californians take note.

    Midas, [malleted it myself, having realized that John probably doesn’t want me to engage content that will, itself, be malleted], go away, go directly away, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  9. JoelZakem @ 9:15 am: I didn’t realize that worker’s comp applied to members of the military.

  10. CLP-While I admit that I have no knowledge of military law, I am not sure that active military in the US can seek benefits outside of those offered by the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) or the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). Please let me know if that is incorrect?

  11. That was really entertaining, I SOOO wish I could have made to the show! And I totally appreciate Mr. Rothfuss’ effort to use his “manly” voice!

    Also, Midas: your dickishness is showing. You should see to that.

  12. JoelZ @ 7:03 pm: I have no idea—I don’t know anything about workers’ comp (other than that there’s a deduction on my paystub for it). My comment was meant as an expression of genuine delight at learning something new, not as a snarky refutation.

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