Daily Archives: July 17, 2012

Bad Reviews: I Can Handle Them, and So Should You

On Twitter, a hopeful request: Oh, well, okay. Since you asked. For those who don’t know, “Stop the GR Bullies” relates to a Web site created by some folks to go after people on Goodreads who write reviews that the people who founded the GR Bullies site find to be “bullying” in some way or […]

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The New Desktop, Completed

It is thus. As noted before, the new desktop is a Mac Mini, which I got for a number of reasons. This first is, simply, it’s relatively cheap; the other computers I was looking at were a couple of multiples more expensive, and I decided for this round of computer acquisition that I just didn’t […]

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Things to Do Today

In no particular order: Pick up the dog from the boarders Set up the new desktop computer I have ordered (it’s a Mac Mini) which will arrive today Write on the video game I am working on Write more on The Human Division Polish up the president’s quarterly report Clean up my office so I […]

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