The New Desktop Has Arrived

Now comes the installmentationness!

YES IT IS A REAL WORD. Because I am a writer and I say so, that’s why.

When next you see me, it will be on this. Unless I screw things up. Which is entirely possible, alas.

23 Comments on “The New Desktop Has Arrived”

  1. But more importantly, what are the calculated odds of leaving this Mac in the airport? :)

  2. I have both a MacBook Pro and a Windows 7 desktop. I love each Operating System for different things. Instead of either/or, I’m of the camp that loves both.

    (You should totally film Athena doing the unboxing and post it on YouTube, with ukulele background music.)

  3. You know you need a monitor too, right? This isn’t an iMac… :) Though Apple monitors are really expensive, so I suppose you are just reusing the old desktop’s monitor?

  4. Was it the 2020 AD model? If so, was it a DNA quantum computer, or an RNA quantum computer? And did you have to sign in blood that you wouldn’t leave it in a cab or airport?

  5. We have those trackpads in our office, and myself & a lot of folks have found them more comfortable if you back off on the incline (I have the back feet of mine stand on the desk, and hte front-feet stand on my mouse-pad to give it a bit of a boost.). Love it, though! :)

  6. I can’t stand the trackpads. But everyone has their own preferences.

    (Typing on a MacBook Pro, with a Logitech Marble Trackball on the left and a Microsoft Trackball Optical 1.0 on the Right…).

  7. Enter your vaguely snarky anti-Mac comment here…

    Happy new gadget day!

  8. I got a new laptop at work today so I, also, spent the day dealing with installmentationness. (Did I use correctly?) Not my favorite way to spend a day…

  9. One thing for sure, Prez – you won’t spend 2.5 days to configure the Mini, as I did to configure an HP windozer starting Saturday, with 6 glorious hours and $20 spent on just. the. damn. drivers (and still no wired ethernet working).
    You’ll love it. They’re great little machines – a laptop mechanism in a different form factor.

  10. Yes, I believe that “installmentationness” is a real word. Not a real English word, mind you, but a real word nonetheless.

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