The New Desktop Has Arrived

Now comes the installmentationness!

YES IT IS A REAL WORD. Because I am a writer and I say so, that’s why.

When next you see me, it will be on this. Unless I screw things up. Which is entirely possible, alas.

23 thoughts on “The New Desktop Has Arrived

  1. I have both a MacBook Pro and a Windows 7 desktop. I love each Operating System for different things. Instead of either/or, I’m of the camp that loves both.

    (You should totally film Athena doing the unboxing and post it on YouTube, with ukulele background music.)

  2. You know you need a monitor too, right? This isn’t an iMac… :) Though Apple monitors are really expensive, so I suppose you are just reusing the old desktop’s monitor?

  3. Was it the 2020 AD model? If so, was it a DNA quantum computer, or an RNA quantum computer? And did you have to sign in blood that you wouldn’t leave it in a cab or airport?

  4. We have those trackpads in our office, and myself & a lot of folks have found them more comfortable if you back off on the incline (I have the back feet of mine stand on the desk, and hte front-feet stand on my mouse-pad to give it a bit of a boost.). Love it, though! :)

  5. I can’t stand the trackpads. But everyone has their own preferences.

    (Typing on a MacBook Pro, with a Logitech Marble Trackball on the left and a Microsoft Trackball Optical 1.0 on the Right…).

  6. I got a new laptop at work today so I, also, spent the day dealing with installmentationness. (Did I use correctly?) Not my favorite way to spend a day…

  7. One thing for sure, Prez – you won’t spend 2.5 days to configure the Mini, as I did to configure an HP windozer starting Saturday, with 6 glorious hours and $20 spent on just. the. damn. drivers (and still no wired ethernet working).
    You’ll love it. They’re great little machines – a laptop mechanism in a different form factor.

  8. Yes, I believe that “installmentationness” is a real word. Not a real English word, mind you, but a real word nonetheless.

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