Things to Do Today

In no particular order:

Pick up the dog from the boarders

Set up the new desktop computer I have ordered (it’s a Mac Mini) which will arrive today

Write on the video game I am working on

Write more on The Human Division

Polish up the president’s quarterly report

Clean up my office so I will not be found under a collapsed pile of books

Send out books and money I have promised to people

Restart my diet because I am now ten pounds above my ideal weight (I blame six weeks of more or less constant tour/travel, plus sloth)

And, oh, I don’t know, write something else here besides a list of things I need to do.

That last one will probably come much later in the day.

Also: Uh, it’s Tuesday, right?

27 Comments on “Things to Do Today”

  1. so no new word on your absent platform? Dang, I would have thought someone would have turned it on by now

  2. I am on my fifth Mac Mini (well, our family is.) They rock.

    Here’s a tip, though: for some reason the adapters for the various video formats tend to be a little persnickety. Make sure they are well and firmly seated. If your monitor suddenly displays only multicolored snow, double-check them. If they still do it, just turn the monitor off and turn it on again.

    They don’t all do this, and the ones that do it don’t do it that often, but it is somewhat disquieting the first time it happens, especially if you have dual monitors and one does it and the other doesn’t, since you’ll be convinced the monitor is broke. :)

    Also, the new ones use a lot of power for their size (still less than a regular desktop or laptop) and they get uncomfortably warm at full load. Be sure it has a couple inches in all directions for airflow and don’t set things on top of it.

  3. I know its not what you meant, but when I first read it, it sounded like you were setting up your office to make it impossible for you to be found when the books collapsed :-)
    Seriously, how and where do you store all of those books that are constantly showing up at the compound?

  4. What’s sad is that all of that sounds infinitely more interesting than my day, which consists of: sit at computer refreshing blogs; nod my head when annoying boss speaks; send 20 work emails about things that really don’t matter; go home and watch tv while looking for new job. Bah. And yes, it’s Tuesday, which means only three more days until new Batman movie!!!

  5. I know of a great way to redistribute some of those ARC’s which are threatening to bury you…and support reading education…

  6. John, have you revealed that video game you’re working on or is that for a future reveal?

  7. I count AT LEAST four things which could be euphemisms for something dirty in that list.

  8. Welcome back to the land of Tuesdays, John. Don’t beat yourself up about gaining weight on the road. It happens to all of us who travel. Every meal is in a restaurant, and all the travelling makes you hungry, and there is little time for exercise. Restaurant meals as a regular diet is a sure way to gain weight.

  9. It has to be hard to maintain your weight when you travel a lot. You get a massive amount of calories when you travel. My first rule of dieting is don’t go out. Plus writing is a very sedentary job. Might want to invest in a standing desk or pay someone to trick out a treadmill for you so you have a keyboard on it and a monitor on the wall.

  10. A standing desk is also good for your back. I agree that eating out is a killer. Travel can be hard on a good diet.

  11. Hey hey hey that’s better then mine….

    Shop for weeks food

    Check mail

    And a list of stuff I should not post since it won’t help my work search…

  12. Update 2013 release schedule
    Update deadlines
    Compare deadlines to travel calendar, note key personnel now quadruply committed
    Try to invent time machine over lunch
    Revise 2013 release schedule

  13. It is the end of the business day and I have received neither books or money from you. I assume my name was lost in the shuffle. Please rectify this as soon as possible.

  14. “Polish up the president’s quarterly report”

    For one glorious moment, I thought you meant Obama. Then I wondered what quarterly report that might be, and it all came crashing down.

  15. Yep, still Tuesday. My husband asked the same thing, but this is his second week of vacation, so I think he’s allowed.