Advance Warning: I’m Taking August Off

Yes I am. Because I have soooo much work to do, that’s why, and my plan for August is to hole up, disappear from teh Intarweebs and write like the wind.

What does this mean for Whatever during the month of August? I don’t know. I have, like, ten days. I will figure something out.

(Don’t ask to be a guest blogger. If I want you I will ask you. For serious, y’all.)

Further updates as events warrant. But I wanted to put that on your radar so you won’t be surprised when it happens.


Reminder: Vote for the Hugos!

Allow me to put on my Toastmaster of Chicon 7 hat here for a moment and just say:

Hey! You! Don’t forget to vote for the Hugos this year! Here’s the online ballot!

Want to vote but haven’t become a member of Chicon 7? Here’s the online membership form! Remember that Supporting Members (the $50, not attending option) get to vote on the Hugos.

Want to vote but haven’t read everything? The Hugo voter packet has a ton of the nominees in it and comes as part of membership.

If you don’t vote, dozens of Hugo nominees will have a sad. Think about that, why don’t you.

Voting continues until the end of the month, but don’t put it off until the last minute. Do it now. NOW NOW NOW.

Thank you.



Fans and Pros on Gender Parity on Panels

The Hugo Award-winning fanzine Journey Planet has a new issue out (that’s a pdf link) which, in addition to reprinting my “Lowest Difficulty Setting” pieces and its attendant commentary by other spec fic fans and pros, also tackles the idea of gender parity on convention panels — i.e., having an equal number of male and female panel participants whenever possible. There’s a wide range of thoughts on the matter from a wide range of writers. If you’re someone who goes to cons and also goes to panels, it’s worth a read for you.

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