Advance Warning: I’m Taking August Off

Yes I am. Because I have soooo much work to do, that’s why, and my plan for August is to hole up, disappear from teh Intarweebs and write like the wind.

What does this mean for Whatever during the month of August? I don’t know. I have, like, ten days. I will figure something out.

(Don’t ask to be a guest blogger. If I want you I will ask you. For serious, y’all.)

Further updates as events warrant. But I wanted to put that on your radar so you won’t be surprised when it happens.

34 Comments on “Advance Warning: I’m Taking August Off”

  1. … I start reading your generally daily updated blog this afternoon and tonight you announce that you’re going to be not updating for a while quite soon? I feel betrayed, sir. Or I feel like a bubble of bad luck–I’m not quite certain which. Good luck on the writing though; hopefully I’ll be able to read it someday.

  2. If you need to do it, then do it and don’t apologize, man. Hope you come back recharged and with many to-dos lined out.

  3. @Y.T.
    To put a positive spin on this news, you now have the entire month of August to catch up with everything that’s been posted.

  4. John, what am I supposed to use as an excuse to procrastinate working on my thesis if you stop exploding the interwebs with thousands of thoughtful comments‽ I mean, I could go back to BoingBoing, but I don’t have that kind of time! You provide just the right level of work-avoidance. *sigh*

  5. I have received your psychic wave particles exempting me personality from you’re quite specified exhortations not to email you requested to be guest blogger. I wish you much success with Project Gitterdun, ideas which I find stimulating I’m sure and will reflect on your amazed mind power vision process for some time. I will now have commenced emailing you 4,137 requests (our mind melded intelligence quotient and prearranged signal that it is I, your psychich brained buddy) to be guest blogging.

  6. Considering that you’ve been home approx. 10 of the last 45 days, I say unto you, sir: ENJOY!

  7. Full sympathy and support here! And we do have ‘Random Whatever’ if we get desperate… perhaps you should promote that link as well as whatever you decide to do as cover?

  8. Just take care not to break your leg, as the wind did in an old episode of M*A*S*H.

  9. Well, I love this blog, but if the end result of time off from it is more books and stories by Scalzi, then by all means, take the time.

  10. This will be a major problem. I’m used to checking in on the Whatever at least a couple times a day now. Oh, well, back to Facebook and Pinterest, I suppose, for my computer time in between bouts of jewelry-making. Good luck with that “writing like the wind” there — how much of it will be gaming, I wonder? Very much looking forward to the product. Enjoy some time with your family while you’re at it. That’s what they’re there for.

  11. DG: The wind can write, but you never hear about the result because it always self-publishes.

  12. I suspect more than a few people here whose life revolves around your every move and word will need to lock up the guns and knives and double up on the cymbalta

  13. Understandable, especially if you have a pile of work and get more time to spend with the wife and daughter, and more than decent to provide a heads up to your readers. I hope you’re able to find some guest bloggers, but if not the world won’t end.

  14. I’m trying to write a joke involving NaNoWriMo, but the letters come out weird. JoNoWriMo sounds like something we would all want to avoid … :-D

  15. Tell me about it! Blogging has a way of eating up time, nudging other writing into the background. doesn’t it? That and oh yes, sigh a full time job. But someday, yes someday.
    We’ll miss ya but we understand.

  16. John, you have no idea how honored I am that you consider my birthdate of August 1st to be such a wonderful occassion that you feel inclined to take the whole month off just to savor it. /elated-self-centered-smugness>

    Oh… wait. You mean it isn’t about me? I’m shocked. Shocked! You would use the month of August to do your own work? /self-centered-disappointment>

    Sigh.. today’s youth. /disgusted-by-unthinking-uncaring-youths>

    You say you are going to work, but is it really work you are going to be doing, or is it lazing in the A/C that is really on the agenda? Hmmm? /inane-conspiracy-theory>

    ;-) have a good month.

  17. …write like the wind. But the wind writes in the whispers of the leaves and the ripples of the waters and the shiver of the sands. I hope you plan on leaving a more permanent trace than THAT, sir…

  18. By John. (Not quite.)

    Buy John. (Actually worser.)

    Bye John. (Other than a lack of punctuation, maybe so.)

    Have fun with your August.

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