And Here is Bryan Ferry to Take You Into the Weekend

He’s so smooth about it, too. If only I had his voice. And his sartorial sense. And his money!

For really quite a few other versions of this particular song, see this Metafilter thread. Enjoy.


11 Comments on “And Here is Bryan Ferry to Take You Into the Weekend”

  1. *Sigh* indeed. Ferry hasn’t lost his touch in thirty years. This makes me want to write me some sweeping romantic adventure fiction into the wee small hours.

    If only I had his voice. And his sartorial sense. And his money!

    Anyone can dress snazzy. It’s like cooking up a storm…so easy it outta be a sin. But those pipes are a gift for which I’d sell me grandma. To love music and have a golden ear with which to hear just exactly how awful my signing voice is, is surely a torment to rival that of King Tantalus!

    Here’s some reciprocity, though the sound quality kinda sucks:

  2. Of course, he had the sartorial sense and the voice before he had the money, and it was only after the money that he had Otis. Win some, lose some.

  3. Beautiful version of a beautiful song, though the This Mortal Coil version will always rule for me. Enjoy your weekend, Mr Scalzi!

  4. “If only I had his voice. And his sartorial sense. And his money!”

    I would like to have just one of his suits, which I suspect cost more than my 1st monthly mortage & car payments combined.

  5. The first time I ever heard this song was on Laurie Freelove’s first solo album, Smells Like Truth. I then heard the version from This Mortal Coil, Honestly, I prefer both of those versions to this one, but I do enjoy Roxy Music very much.

  6. With JoAnne here, ‘Avalon’ has to be one of the (if not *thee*) smoothest, perfect pop album. Ever.

    Though can’t say this is my favourite rendition of ‘SttS’, maybe too smooth, needs a little friction in there.

  7. Wow, I had never heard this song before. Spent time looking at other versions. Sinead O Connor has a nice one. I think I like George Michaels version the best though.

  8. I first heard Song to the Siren on the radio, WAY back in 1983. I thought I’d discovered the secret of life, I was so swept away. It was quite a while later that I realised this was an old song, and had been covered numerous times (such is the arrogance of youth). Bryan Ferry has done a superb version (and typically smooth, as you say) here. It sure has brought back a few memories…Thanks for posting.

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