And Here is Bryan Ferry to Take You Into the Weekend

He’s so smooth about it, too. If only I had his voice. And his sartorial sense. And his money!

For really quite a few other versions of this particular song, see this Metafilter thread. Enjoy.


11 thoughts on “And Here is Bryan Ferry to Take You Into the Weekend

  1. *Sigh* indeed. Ferry hasn’t lost his touch in thirty years. This makes me want to write me some sweeping romantic adventure fiction into the wee small hours.

    If only I had his voice. And his sartorial sense. And his money!

    Anyone can dress snazzy. It’s like cooking up a storm…so easy it outta be a sin. But those pipes are a gift for which I’d sell me grandma. To love music and have a golden ear with which to hear just exactly how awful my signing voice is, is surely a torment to rival that of King Tantalus!

    Here’s some reciprocity, though the sound quality kinda sucks:

  2. Beautiful version of a beautiful song, though the This Mortal Coil version will always rule for me. Enjoy your weekend, Mr Scalzi!

  3. “If only I had his voice. And his sartorial sense. And his money!”

    I would like to have just one of his suits, which I suspect cost more than my 1st monthly mortage & car payments combined.

  4. The first time I ever heard this song was on Laurie Freelove’s first solo album, Smells Like Truth. I then heard the version from This Mortal Coil, Honestly, I prefer both of those versions to this one, but I do enjoy Roxy Music very much.

  5. With JoAnne here, ‘Avalon’ has to be one of the (if not *thee*) smoothest, perfect pop album. Ever.

    Though can’t say this is my favourite rendition of ‘SttS’, maybe too smooth, needs a little friction in there.

  6. Wow, I had never heard this song before. Spent time looking at other versions. Sinead O Connor has a nice one. I think I like George Michaels version the best though.

  7. I first heard Song to the Siren on the radio, WAY back in 1983. I thought I’d discovered the secret of life, I was so swept away. It was quite a while later that I realised this was an old song, and had been covered numerous times (such is the arrogance of youth). Bryan Ferry has done a superb version (and typically smooth, as you say) here. It sure has brought back a few memories…Thanks for posting.

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