What Krissy Did With Her Saturday

She ran in the 5k “Color Run” in Columbus, in which in addition to running for 3.2 miles, one also gets splotzed with colored powder. Why? Because it’s fun! Kicky fun! Apparently. Well, okay. It’s more than what I did with my Saturday so far, which was to stare glassily at my toes. Look: toes.

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  1. Ooh! I’ve wanted to do the Color Run, but I was too late to register this time. NEXT YEAR! :) And Yay Krissy! :) That’s a pretty badass photo.

  2. The wife and I did the one in Cleveland a month and a half ago. It was sooo much fun, although I did see people with infants doing it which was kinda weird. The drive back home was interesting, the car seats looked like a rainbow of colors.

  3. I have mostly been sitting at home, getting over the last bits of whooping cough, wishing I could go out without making others sick and feeling very guilty about wanting to go out and have fun, even if others did get sick. With my luck, I will be back to 125% on Monday.

  4. I was JUST looking up info on the southern California color runs. Then I decided to read the book I just downloaded instead, but before I did, I
    Wanted to look up info on its author, as this is the first book of his I’m reading. That book is Redshirts. How crazy of a coincidence is it that the first link is your blog entry about the race setis I JUST looked up! (and i looked them up on different devices, so it’s not like Google was tracking my searches to filter future searches prioritizing relevancy to past ones! Anyway, had to share…now I’m off to read!

  5. Now that I have seen the gnarly superhero fist, I judge that you are correct to Fear Teh Krissy.

  6. yay for Krissy, but seriously, you’re not gonna post her time so we can be even more impressed?

  7. good for her! the g/f was just telling me about one of those coming up in our area that she was interested in doing so it’s very timely to see that the color run has entered into your lives as well. =)

  8. I bet that I couldn’t out run her.
    Unless the snarly dogs were really scary.
    Ehh, nope.

  9. How come John isn’t man enough to run with his wife? It sounds like John is letting himself go. When the zombie war comes, Krissy is not going to waste her time if you can;t keep up.

  10. Although it’s been said, many times, many ways…….

    KRISSY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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