Various and Sundry, 7/24/12

Quickly, because I have other things to write today:

* Saw The Dark Knight Rises last night, which I enjoyed but which I strongly suspect could have been about a half hour shorter without any significant loss of story or quality. I think it’s time for filmmakers to reconnect with the idea that more is not always better; sometimes it’s just more. That said, I think it’s a better movie than The Avengers, which I also enjoyed but which I found aggressively lightweight. I guess maybe I like my superhero movies dark, or something.

* Somewhat related to DKR, I’ve been asked a couple of times if I had any thoughts on the Aurora shooting. Outside the official statement SFWA released on the matter, which features a quote from me as president, not really. This was one of those times when everyone else had so much to say on every aspect of it that I didn’t feel adding my voice would be useful or necessary. And to be blunt about it, what I mostly felt was sad.

* I’ve been watching yesterday’s “Self-Made Man” piece get about the Internet and reading the comments, not just here but also other places, particularly Metafilter and Fark. What’s interesting about both of those places is not so much the response to my piece in itself, but that the majority of the response in both cases was based on how the piece was framed by the person who submitted the links.

Over on Metafilter, the person who linked to the piece tied it into Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren’s speech about infrastructure, and so the conversation quickly became about that, as well as Obama’s echoing of that sentiment (and the GOP’s recent attempts to reframe the statement for its own political gain). On Fark, the submitter claimed the piece invalidated arguments about taxes being too high, so — surprise! — the thread there is primarily about taxes.

I don’t think there’s any problem with the conversations in either case, and even if I did, I don’t run either site, so that would be tough for me. But it’s amusing how quickly in both cases the comments became not about what I wrote in the piece.

* That’s all I have got for you today. Back to the writing hole for me.

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