Sunset, 7/24/12

Ohio has weather, it does. There’s at least three different types of clouds in this picture alone.

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  1. Wow great pic – it’s after dark here in West Bend, WI north of Milwaukee and my wife and I just came in from 45 minutes of watching a great light show over lake Michigan. A lot of cloud to cloud. Mom Nature sure can put on a show.

  2. Awesome picture. On July 14 my daughter and I were flying home to Toronto from San Francisco. Fortunately we were port side so once it got dark we could see the Aurora Borealis spanning the horizon; lightning lighting up the clouds below us and the stars above.

  3. Mediated Life & Scalzi: Like the profile of Dustin Hoffman in All the President’s Men — just above-right of that top-center face.

  4. I still say the Miami Valley’s weather belongs to Coyote. Only explanation I can think of for some of the rolls on the weather table we get.

  5. This almost looks like a picture taken of a nebula. I love the midwest…when its not trying to kill you with tornadoes and wet damp pnuemonia ridden winters. The summers are worth it though. Missing lightening bugs, twilight (which we don’t have in AZ) and grass.

  6. Btw, there’s a dragon on the left side of the photo about one-third up from the bottom. He’s laying on his side.

    There be dragons around DunScalzi?

    (“Dun” means “fortress” or “castle” in Scots Gaelic)

  7. Gorgeous! I’m looking at this photo and listening to a majestic symphony on my cell phone. It fits very nicely.

  8. Wow! I see four faces. The dragon won’t quite show itself to me, however. Silly dragon.

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