The Ghost Brigades eBook (Almost Certainly Temporarily) Down on Amazon

Some folks sent me e-mails over the last couple of days, letting me know that The Ghost Brigades appears not to be available in a Kindle edition at the moment. It turns out they are correct. Why is it not available? Who knows? Being a paranoid person I am, however, it makes me wonder if this, from a few days ago:

was a glitch that Amazon had to take down the file to fix. Hey Amazon: You’ll still have to pay me. Thank you.

Anyway, the appropriate people have been alerted and I’m reasonably confident we’ll get this squared away soon (factoring in the fact this is a weekend).

However, this does bring up the point that, as all Tor books are now distributed DRM-free, including my own — and including The Ghost Brigades — this is a reminder that you can buy the book at any electronic retailer and then port it into your Kindle (or Nook, or whatever reader you like). The only complication with the Kindle is that Amazon has all its books in a variation of the .mobi format, and everyone else is using .epub. But if you use a program like Calibre, you can buy it in .epub format, convert it into .mobi format, and then pop it into your Kindle. And there you have it. One more reason why it’s nice my work is now DRM-free (in the US, at least).

Update, 12:12am 7/29: It’s back on Amazon.