My Sneaky Weekend

You may have noticed I’ve been a little scarce from the site for the last couple of the days, and the reason was that I was traveling to LA in order to be at the surprise 40th birthday party of one Wil Wheaton (the picture is of his birthday cake, which was huge and awesome). I and roughly 165 other of Wil’s pals, including Felicia Day, Phil Plait, Chris Hardwick, Amy Berg, Grant Imahara, Paul Sabourin, Drew Curtis, and, frankly, most of geekerati of the entire United States, descended to the appointed place and genuinely surprised young Wil (I get to  call him that because I am three years older than he is), who just thought he was going to dinner with family and a couple of friends. Surprise!

There were many lovely moments of the evening, the most amusing of which is when Debbie Gibson showed up to serenade Wil, which surprised the hell out of the birthday boy. For any straight male who grew up in the 80s, it doesn’t get much better than that. Beyond that, there was a lot of fun, great conversations, tons of photobombs and generally the sort of time that memories are made of.

It was nice to be there for Wil on his birthday. It was also sort of amazing that given this particular crowd of folks, not a hint of the event showed up on Twitter or any other social media until Wil showed up for his party. That’s discipline, people. It paid off.

I’ll be traveling home today, so things will be slow about here. Catch you all tomorrow.

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