About That Hiatus

I mentioned last week I was planning to take off August from Whatever so as to focus on other work which needs to get done, and otherwise to take a break. I am going to modify this a bit mostly because I forgot I have writers to whom I promised Big Idea slots to, and a couple of other things, so it wouldn’t be fair or nice to shut things down entirely. So here’s the new plan:

1. Whatever will be open for business during August but it’s also the last thing on my list of things to do for the day, i.e., after I get everything else on my agenda done, then I might come around here to update.

2. If I’m too wiped out and/or busy and/or doing something else that seems more interesting at the time, I won’t update. This will likely be especially the case when I am at Chicon 7, as Toastmaster. Because damn, they plan to keep me busy.

3. It’s possible I might do some pre-programmed silliness from time to time and/or have guest posts from folks, independent of Big Idea stuff.

4. It’s also possible I won’t because, hey I’m both lazy and busy.

5. Basically, expect August to be a slow and lazy month around here. You get what you get.

6. Which, I suppose, is no different than any other month around here. But even more so.

There, that’s settled.

17 Comments on “About That Hiatus”

  1. I can tell you that it is possible to have a break that is both productive and relaxing. I took last week off from work and managed to spend lots of time with the baby, get in some long walks, do some writing, replace the starter in my wife’s car, re-wire the driveway lights, and read a couple books.

  2. I get to hermit myself away for a whole week in August. Right before I turn 37, which is really a stupid number if you think about it. I might just refuse. Do you ever stop feeling like you should still be 25?

  3. Oh yeah? I’ll show you, Scalzi! If you’re going to be slacking in August, then I won’t pay a penny for this blog. Take that!

  4. Finished OMW, again, I’m already halfway through Ghost Brigades, again, and am plowing my way through the rest of everything else Scalzi I own, but I don’t think it’s gonna help. I read too damn fast.

  5. So we’re going to have limited quantities of your irreverent whit for a whole month? This makes me sad.

  6. I think it’s funny you call yourself “lazy” with as much as you seem to accomplish! I have a feeling that a somewhat lazy day for you, would be a slightly productive day for me!

  7. Since you’re going on semi-hiatus and it’s still July, can we get some final pictures of pets or sunsets? One for the road, so to speak….

  8. What, not even a lovable pet picture to keep us fans amused through August? This is supposed to be the month of dog (and cat) days, after all.

  9. @ Ron Mitchell – It’s funny that you should ask “Do you ever stop feeling like you should still be 25?”, because I was just thinking about that a day or two ago. I’m 65, almost 66 and I still feel that way. YMMV.

  10. What’s all this with the “age” thing? We’re all traveling that road together at the same speed. Unless y’all know something I don’t know. I am now 84 years old but I refuse to let it get me down as there is only one alternative to consider, isn’t there … so 84 going on 85 it is. Can I get an “amen”?

  11. Hi John I hope you are enjoying your month off . I just wanted to say thank you :-) I have read tons of books but hadn’t read science fiction since I was a teen ( Let’s just say that was awhile ago) My dad is a science fiction nut ( not fantasy he would say) and was excited about having reading Old Mans War He is hard to buy for so I went online and bought him the rest of the trilogy ,Zoe’s War and Agent to the Stars. He was so happy and read them them all last month . I asked him if I could borrow them and started with Agent to the Stars . I was laughing out loud and enjoyed the wit you so easily integrate into your novels. In the last two weeks I have read your trilogy, Zoes Tale and Fuzzy Nation and am now waiting for Androids Dream .Thank you so much for re-igniting a long lost love for science and making your reader think about the now and how it can impact our future.
    A new fan

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