Last Chance: Hugo Voting

Just a reminder: If you don’t get your Hugo vote in by midnight tonight, Pacific Time, then you don’t get a Hugo vote. And that would be sad for you. The online ballot is here.

4 Comments on “Last Chance: Hugo Voting”

  1. I voted. But I generally didn’t vote in categories where I hadn’t read everything, because that doesn’t seem fair. That said, how are you supposed to vote for “Best Editor (long form)” if you don’t know what they edited? There are a couple other categories of general yearlong quality where I can’t imagine having read enough of them to feel right about voting.

    Maybe I’m being too particular and should just have voted for what I thought was good in every category.

    I did actually make one exception: Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. I hadn’t seen the Community episode that was up. Maybe it was SFF, I don’t know. But the key for me was that the BDP-SF nominees weren’t in the Hugo packet, so I just voted based on what I’d seen…which was all the others, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

  2. In the category with a two vote difference I listed two nominees below no award. If I had put them in the other order it would have been a tie. So even your fifth choice can be important.

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