Last Chance: Hugo Voting

Just a reminder: If you don’t get your Hugo vote in by midnight tonight, Pacific Time, then you don’t get a Hugo vote. And that would be sad for you. The online ballot is here.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I voted. But I generally didn’t vote in categories where I hadn’t read everything, because that doesn’t seem fair. That said, how are you supposed to vote for “Best Editor (long form)” if you don’t know what they edited? There are a couple other categories of general yearlong quality where I can’t imagine having read enough of them to feel right about voting.

Maybe I’m being too particular and should just have voted for what I thought was good in every category.

I did actually make one exception: Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. I hadn’t seen the Community episode that was up. Maybe it was SFF, I don’t know. But the key for me was that the BDP-SF nominees weren’t in the Hugo packet, so I just voted based on what I’d seen…which was all the others, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

Just a reminder that every vote does count. The lack of one vote could mean that a favorite author or artist or other nominee might just miss out on getting a nice rocket ship, having it go to someone else. Having not voted in 2007, there was one category that my one vote would have made the difference….

Plus one other category had a two vote difference and another had nine votes.

In the category with a two vote difference I listed two nominees below no award. If I had put them in the other order it would have been a tie. So even your fifth choice can be important.

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