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Where My Missing MacBook Air Is

It’s somewhere within about 100 feet of this Brooklyn intersection, according to the “Find My iPhone” app on iCloud (it’s not a live photo; this was taken from Google Maps). Considering that I lost the thing a week ago in La Guardia Airport, it’s traveled a not inconsiderable distance within the city. The “Find My […]

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Chief Justice Roberts and Political Orthodoxy

It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that the Supreme Court holding that the ACA is in fact constitutional (albeit on novel and narrow grounds that no one expected to be used, i.e., the Congress’ power to levy taxes) represents the biggest political blow to the current distillation of right-wing ideology that it’s had in some […]

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It’s Okay Not to Read Me

I noted this briefly on Twitter last night but I think it’s worth expanding just a little bit. Last night I read a mostly vaguely negative review of Redshirts on a personal blog in which the reviewer basically admitted, in somewhat different words, that they’re just not an enthusiast of most of my books. This […]

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