“To Sue The World,” Featuring Wil Wheaton + All of w00tstock 4.0

Hey, would you like to see me and Wil do “To Sue the World,” which we did at the Burbank Public Library, whilst I was on tour? Of course you do. Here you go.

Thanks to “pateachoux3” for recording and uploading that.

Also, if you go here, you’ll find the canonical w00tstock 4.0 version, featuring Pat Rothfuss, along with every other part of that particular show. Enjoy, you crazy kids!

20 Comments on ““To Sue The World,” Featuring Wil Wheaton + All of w00tstock 4.0”

  1. Wil should have done the bit about a 13 year old operating the multi-billion dollar ship in the staccato delivery that Captain Kirk used considering what Shatner is supposed to have said to him about letting a kid on his bridge years ago.

    Just sayin’.

  2. The whole thing is peach, but the best bit – the absolute bestest of best bits – is you hiding your face behind your script during The Kid Bit. Presumably so you didn’t critically fumble your Saving Throw vs. Falling Over and Laughing Your Arse Off. :D

  3. Thank you for sharing that! I was at the reading at Vroman’s in Pasadena when you did that scene with your friend from school (roles reversed). Still very funny the third time –I saw the reading with Pat Rothfuss when you shared it earlier. I enjoyed Wil’s performance very much. :-)

  4. Actually, I think you should revise your mission to boldly and fiercely going where no 13 year old operating a starship has gone before…

  5. Thanks for sharing this! This bit is so well written you really should have made it the fourth coda in Redshirts. Having Wil play the lawyer complaining about a per-pubecent boy running a giant spaceship was just the cherry on of a deluxe sundae; he is a great sport considering the grief that role caused him IRL.

  6. Big kudos to Wil Wheaton for delivering that whole bit about “thirteen year old kids piloting a starship” with a perfectly serious delivery and deadpan expression. Bless him for being such a good sport! :-)

  7. Damn that was funny. Wil’s delivery was pitch-perfect and you hiding behind the script? Joy.

  8. Did Wil get to read through the piece beforehand? Either way, the straight face during the kid bit (and throughout) is impressive – I’m just curious.

    Thank you, thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou for posting this!

  9. See now. Was that so painful? A nice short post on August 1st sets up a precedent for the month perhaps. You can do it! You can provide continued content!

  10. Wow!! In real life I actually represent the victims of bad occupational health and safety in their Workers’ Compensation claims. Imagine my joy in seeing Wil Wheaton (in a Darth Vader Shirt no less) reading the part of a lawyer that practices in an area only marginally different than mine. Oh joy, oh bliss; I want Wil Wheaton to star in the story of my life.

  11. I was at that show! Woot! I was the one who asked you what the genesis for writing, “Redshirts” was.

    Great to be able to see it again (and send it to all of my friends to make them insanely jealous that).

  12. Thank you, John, and thank you pateachoux3! We were in the front row at the BPL, and I’ve despaired of doing it justice when I try to describe the utter hilarity to folks. Now I can just send them the link. Shiny.

  13. Oh cool. Now I don’t have to try to get my video of the same event out of my phone and onto a bigger screen to show to the two family members who weren’t there with me. Haven’t watched this one yet, but hopefully it doesn’t jiggle during the funniest bits like my video did. I couldn’t help it.

    Kat: after the dialogue John told us that he considered not giving Wil the script beforehand just to spring that bit on him during the live reading. But he relented.

    David, Robert, cheers. I was the one who brought him the Coke Zero at the beginning.

  14. I echo the kudos to Wil Wheaton for his delivery, especially about the 13 year old. He’s hilarious – and it had to be sublime for him to roll out a laundry list of things that got hurled at his character and him. Oh yeah, and you weren’t too bad either, John. That was really fun to watch.

  15. I watched this then went over to the Wootstock footage. All I can say is “Cooking bacon naked?” that had me in tears.

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