Daily Archives: August 3, 2012

Hey, Look, I’m on Sword & Laser This Week

Here’s the episode. Incidentally, you might think that the laggy, six-frames a second thing I got going on that episode is due to a balky webcam, but the fact of the matter is that’s actually what happens to me when I have low blood sugar. For serious, man. It’s really annoying. If you liked this […]

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The Big Idea: Meagan Spooner

Sometimes it’s nice when your iPod runs out of power. Meagan Spooner explains how a day without hers led to her thinking about the world in a whole new way, and led to her novel Skylark. MEAGAN SPOONER: I don’t usually come up with settings first. For me the meat of any good story is […]

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Educational Use of Whatever Posts

I get requests on and off from teachers and professors who want to use one or another of my posts in their classrooms. So this is another one of those “I’m putting it up here to point to later” posts. In short: If you are an educator and want to use one of the posts […]

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