And Now, Here’s Lopsided Cat

Just in case you were confused which cat this is.

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  1. I might be outing myself as a “relatively new reader” here, but Lopsided Cat looks pretty evenly proportioned to these eyes (and kinda like one of my cats, Feliz). Is it just that this is the angle Lopsided Cat prefers for his/her close-ups, so as not to show off the lopsidedness?

  2. John Scalzi, you’re my hero. I can’t think of any other author who has provided me a delicious recipe (Schadenfreude Pie), consistently entertaining/enlightening blog posts, wonderful books and stories, and cat photos! Neil Gaiman and Wil Wheaton were in the running, but you’re the winner by a mile.

  3. Am I wrong, or does Lopsided Cat have a bit of Maine Coon in him? Cause he’s a very dapper looking gentleman.

  4. @mwdowns: Lopsided Cat knows how to work it’s angles like a feline supermodel. Which is adorable, yet oddly terrifying.

  5. Great pic of a lovely cat – he looks as though he has been freshly groomed. (Wonder what happened to Chang/not-Chang who used to comment? I always enjoyed his/her posts.)

  6. What a handsome cat. Dammit John. Every time you post pictures of your cats I am :-(

    I love cats and they love me. Alas, I’m allergic. Like can’t breathe have to go to emergency allergic. Stupid lungs.

  7. Lopsided Cat is a very handsome person, and you are indeed honored to be owned by him. Does he bring you little icky gifts?

  8. Sometimes we all need a little bit of lopsided-ness to keep us in reality check. Almost anything can be overcome (with help from good folk), and in the end, we usually come out with a different world view, as did Mr. Lopsided Cat.

    At my house we have Fat Cat (aka Xan), a long-haired orange/white tabby who has an enlarged colon problem, doesn’t digest food well and has to be on a special diet so he doesn’t get stopped up. He’s the sweetest thing, but always, always, always hungry.

    We also have his skinny twin, The Meowler (aka Ziggy), whose nose starts to peel when the weather turns hot. It doesn’t stop him from loving on your leg with his nose, though.

    Finally there is their brother from the same mother, but different father apparently, since he’s a black tabby. He’s Cool Kitty (aka Ringo). Cool as the other side of your pillow. Nothing phases him. Nothing bothers him. He is Cool, after all.

  9. I love cats and have been owned by them from the age of three, when I fell in love with my first stray and screamed and hollered until they let him stay. I’ve had about 18 cat friends over the years all close friends who came and went as they pleased or stayed close and loyal. Right now we have 2 adults and 3 adorable three week old kittens who are taking example from the adults and already realising that they own the joint. Cats are great they have great personalities they’re loving and can have you breathless with laughter over their antics

  10. There may be some of us who are wondering about the lagomorphic member of your family. Though we are glad to see that the most interestingly named feline member is doing quite well.

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