I’m Plotting. Here’s the New Muse Single to Keep You Busy

It’s called “Madness.” It’s pretty good, if you like Muse, which I do.

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  1. I like Muse, and the beginning of the song sounded pretty good. Unfortunately, I’m epileptic, and the strobing, throbbing effects in the video don’t do me any favors (esp since I just had an EEG yesterday). Couldn’t watch the rest of it. Oh well…hope everyone else enjoys it more than I did!


  2. Jury’s still out for me on this one. I love Muse — I’ve been to see them three times — but…I dunno. Want to hear the rest of the album before I drop judgment like an ugly baby.

  3. Didn’t anyone see what Thumper’s mom reminded him of in Bambi? If you can’t say nothing nice…don’t say nothing at all.

    Particularly about someone else’s taste in music, when you didn’t have to click, or watch. It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that no one agrees on everything – that is why there is so much to choose from. Including walking away.


  4. Sincere apologies if I gave offense. I was commenting on the commenting area. And I really do love the Scalzi’s writing; I’m working on collecting every word he’s ever published. Please forgive me if I hurt your feelings — I really didn’t mean to.

  5. Thank you. I feel better now. I live in fear of offending people, ‘cuz I’m kind of easily honked off myself. Been wrapped too tight from an early age.

  6. Would that be plotting a work of fiction or plotting to take over the world? First Pinkie, we will write this book 50 Codes of Davinci, and then while everyone is busy reading, we will take over the world!

  7. Enh. Zokay, but it’s no Supermassiveblackhole. I had a ripping mondegreen for the ‘glaciers melting’ line, but since I’ve come to appreciate the song, I can’t remember it anymore.

  8. Muse is corny, sophomoric, kitschy…and I friggin’ love ’em!
    I’m a cretin and I know it.

  9. Im not getting the Queen vibe from this. More a mix of George Michael and Bono. The few Muse tunes Ive heard I generally liked. This is not one of them.

  10. “Supermassive Black hole” could have been a Prince song, if you swapped out the fuzz guitar for the Purple One’s funk stylings. At least I always thought so.

  11. I agree with the George Michael assessment, it’s definitely one of their more light-pop flavored songs

  12. Well, it’s not standard Muse fare: there’s no hint of global illuminati conspiracy-driven total war or eco-apocalyptic planetary disaster in that song. And they’ve abandoned the safe quiet-loud-quiet-loud formula that’s worked so well for them in the past.

    Hmm. I’m not sure about it, yet.

  13. Like!
    Also: “Sesame Street was brought to you today by the letter, ‘M’ and the letter ‘I’.”
    (Can’t you just picture this on Sesame Street –just add Muppets.)

  14. Everyone I know likes Muse. I think there’s something wrong with me. Ah well, it’d be a strange world if we all liked the same things.

  15. I like the group’s music, I like this song, and as a special treat for me I also liked the video.

  16. Hmm, given that my local library system’s copies of their CDs are all out with multiple holds on them… I think it’s time to put them on the rotation.

  17. As if I needed another reason to like you, Mr. Scalzi – we share an excellent taste in music! ps I am halfway through Agent to the Stars. Excellent stuff so far! I loved Redshirts and also just finished a great book, similar to Agent to the Stars, it’s called Year Zero by Rob Reid, have you read it? Anyway, keep up the good work – you are awesome!!

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