Daily Archives: August 22, 2012

Feral Kitten Update, 8/22

It is thus: One, it’s not a kitten. Based on wear on the teeth, the vet guessed it (and it is a he, incidentally) was five or six years old. It just happens to be small (5.6 pounds), which I would suppose is consistent with a long-term largely feral lifestyle. Two, aside from being small […]

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“John Scalzi’s Blog” Now Set to Music

Because how could it not be set to music? Words by Steven Brust. Music by That Neil Guy. Well done, sirs. Well done. Update, 8/23: Look! Another, different one!

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For No Particularly Good Reason, My Ranking of Pixar Films, From Best to Least Quality

1. Toy Story 2 2. The Incredibles 3. Wall-E 4. Toy Story 5. Monsters, Inc. 6. Up 7. Inside Out 8. Ratatouille 9. Toy Story 3 10. Finding Nemo 11. Monsters University 12. Finding Dory 13. Brave 14. Cars 15. The Good Dinosaur 16. A Bug’s Life 17. Cars 2 Not ranked because not yet […]

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