Athena at the Fair

She enjoyed herself. As did we all, although my enjoyment, as those who followed the Twitter feed last night know, mostly revolved around foods that were fried and/or on a stick. The ironic thing is that I weighed myself this morning and managed to have lost weight since yesterday. So clearly I know my diet plan from here on out.

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  1. It seems these days anything can either be fried or put on a stick. Combining the two makes it even better!

    What a nice time of year to go to the fair.

  2. There was a song from the 90’s when I was growing up that had a line in it; “…it’s like getting fat, it retracts before impact…” I have personally always found this to be true, whenever I loose a “few” pounds after eating things that should have the opposite effect, the other shoe has yet to drop.

  3. Ain’t it grand how we can take finished foods and re-purpose them on a stick! Bacon covered Chocolate on a stick and yes, I love bacon all by itself (as does my cat). Then there’s a Ruben Sandwich on a stick. Personally, I’m holding out for Mac N Cheese on a big stick. Teddy Roosevelt used to talk about sticks. I wonder what he was re-purposing on his sticks? Bully! on a stick?

  4. Is that your county fair, or the state fair? (Every place is apparently on a different calendar, so who can say.) Went to my own county fair last weekend, which a) had at least a 2:1 midway-to-exhibition ratio, and b) had twice as much exhibition stuff as I recall from the last time I went to my own state fair (because the county oddly has a much bigger fairground). … Neighboring state fair in a few weeks, though, which historically has good animals, great quilts, extensive 4-H duct tape arts and crafts competition, and delicious jam for sale. Plus a good demolition derby.

  5. I have had fried mac and cheese before and it was delicious. Wouldn’t think it would be that hard to put it on a stick. (Though, I don’t know if it would stay very well).

  6. “…I weighed myself this morning and managed to have lost weight since yesterday.”

    That’s your body dumping unwanted muscle tissue to make room for all the comfy pounds to come. Your body’s not stupid and it knows no one ever complained about aching fat.

  7. Our county fair has an excellent 1:1 exhibition to midway ratio, with all of the gloriously fried foods in the middle. You go see the animals, quilts, and 4H displays, eat a bunch, and then ride everything in sight until you get nauseous. Unfortunately, I’ve found the “getting nauseous” part for me keeps coming earlier and earlier each year. There are rides I would have been fine with five years ago that I can’t do at all now, which makes me rather sad.

  8. That’s what they call a ‘cyclone’, right? I like the light bouncing around in the pic and her flying hair.

  9. @tigerstripes – Looks like a Himalaya to me… or perhaps those are the same thing? I’ve never quite known the rhyme or reason for the same ride to be sometimes the Octopus and sometimes the Spider.

    In any case, it’s definitely a great picture of a girl having a great time!

  10. That looks like the ride at our fair that is most likely to blast Heart from the 70’s. Please pre-order me a copy of your new diet book.

  11. @tygerstripes – lol, thanks! That’s what a childhood in the rural midwest – where no town is too small to host an annual festival – will do for you. ;)

  12. We used to have a family reunion at the Great Darke County Fair every year. We’re doing it again next year for the first time in a long while. I expect a great disconnect from my experiences between twenty five years ago and today.

  13. I love this picture. She looks so calm, with her hands folded nicely in her lap; the only thing that shows the ride is actually moving is her marvelous hair and the slight blurring of the car in the foreground.

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