My Plans For the Weekend Do Not Impress Ghlaghghee

Well, fair enough. She is a hard cat to impress.

Be that as it may, I do have plans for the weekend, and they do not include being here. See you Monday.

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  1. “So this weekend is that semi hiatus you were talking about! I was wondering when that was going to happen.”

    Me, too lol.

    But it’s been an interesting month.

  2. Okay, silly question: Is Ghlaghghee’s name spelled correctly in her record at the veterinarian?

  3. Ghlaghghee is unimpressed with your plans as long as they do not include disturbing her from her well-deserved nap on her couch.

  4. John, is it possible you could use your colossal influence to get L. Sprague deCamp’s Viagens Interplanitarias stories and novels reprinted, or available in Kindle? I have an old copy of The Continent Makers and I’d like to read the rest of the stories, but they are long out of print.

    Considering they take place in a future where Brazil is the dominant society, I think there would be a market.

  5. And I was going to say I love the fabric on the couch but Scorpius beat me to it.
    Oh wait.
    I thank my like at least partially trumps his not like.
    Mine is, I’ll admit, not as vociferous as his.

  6. My grandmother had a couch with a fabric pattern like this one back in the 60’s. And her cats loved it too. Nice to see the Scalzi’s don’t care about fashion nearly as much as comfort for the cats. Bravo.

  7. Best couch I ever had looked like the 70’s threw up paisley on it, then added in the avacado green for highlights. Took a few gallons of febreeze to be able to sit on it without getting the munchies the first couple of weeks. (Bought it from some stoner’s in the complex), but man, once you sat on it you didn’t want to get up. Put a cover on it and sold it for a pretty penny when I moved, buyer wanted half their money back when they got the cover off and saw what was underneath, I told them if I cam back, I was taking the couch with me. They kept the couch.

    I used to think stoners were just lazy. Then I realized that if all their couches were like the one I bought, they weren’t lazy. Just really, really, really comfortable.


  8. I would like to have seen the vets face when they asked your cats name in order to write it on their paperwork. Um, Mr Scalzi would you mind spelling that again.

  9. anne

    I rather like it as well, but that maybe because I am knitting rugs for my living room and I’m therefore looking at it in the light of interesting choices of colours.

    And yes, I know, rugs are cheap to buy and ludicrously expensive to knit but this way the only person likely to damage herself is me since no children and/or slave labour are involved, and the yarn I’m using is from Manos Del Uruguay which is a women’s collective in rural Uruguay. They are the only people who are fully fair trade in every respect, so I will put in a plug for them. Their yarn is absolutely scrumptious…

  10. Men’s Rights Activist Lieutenant asked:

    ‘So is that cat toilet trained?’

    Oh yes; try messing with her toilet and you will probably/certainly need medical care, depending on her mood at the time…

  11. I miss Chang-not-Chang. I clicked through specifically to hear his praises. Where has he gone, leaving us without?

  12. Another fan of Chang W-I-N Chang and the fan club missives. I do hope all is well with the individual who came up with those entertaining comments.

  13. I also clicked to see chang who is not chang’s review of the photograph of the Glorious She. :( I didn’t realize zie had not been about.

  14. That couch is reminiscent of the couch we had when I was a kid. Also very comfortable. Perfect for curling up on to read a book or taking a nap. The colors in the print look like Florida colors.

  15. Herself is not just unconcerned, she is actively DISconcerned. If one might call that active.

  16. I’m shocked to be forced to agree with Scorpius; the pattern is not good.

    I also agree with Andrew: stoners know from comfort, and don’t give a crap about looks. An uncomfortable sofa is *intolerable* while under the influence, but a nice afghan or blanket can be thrown over it if the pattern becomes distressing. Slipcovers are also an option.

  17. *pulls collar* It’s a good couch, a pretty couch, the best of all possible couches…hey, why is my nose growing?

    @ mintwitch

    I’m shocked to be forced to agree with Scorpius; the pattern is not good.

    It happens every six or seven…hundred scorpius comments. Monkeys at typewriters, and all that. My advice is just roll with it, the universe will right itself as soon as a topic of consequence arises ;-)

  18. Whatchoo guys talking about? That’s a lovely couch! Makes me downright nostalgic, it does… besides, it shows off the gorgeous cat to full advantage.

  19. Mmph. A deep blue slipcover of easily washable microsuede or denim would suit her even better. Perhaps a nice throw-pillow or two… ;-)

  20. I’m with Anne — I like the magic couch. And not just because it’s comfortable. Then again, I like color. I do not understand the large number of people (such as half my relatives) who wear black all the time, even to, say, rose-garden weddings on a June afternoon.
    I grew up in a house with white walls, and dreamed of yellow and blue…

  21. Cats don’t see colours like humans do (or much colour at all). To them its coloured comfy.

  22. *For those suffering from chang/chang withdrawal, I humbly offer this tribute on behalf of the Unofficial Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club*

    O Great Scalzi, at last you have provided us with another photo of Magnificent She. And for once, you managed to abstain from photoshop indulgences or tasteless props. Good for you.

    However, we must have a word about that couch. It is not just your weekend plans which have left Magnificent She unimpressed, but also your taste in furniture. The Unofficial Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club requests that you replace the abominable sofa immediately, preferably with something monochrome or a more subtle print.

    Were it not for the disappointing divan, we could have given you the official Unofficial Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Seal of Approval for your efforts. As it stands, you will have to settle for the official Unofficial Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Nod of Tolerance.

    -Tim O’Shenko
    General Secretary, Unofficial Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  23. Not C-who-is-!C quality but a decent effort! Needs just a touch more sarcasm .

    I’m fairly sure that I sat on that couch’s cousin at my great aunts house back in the early 1970s.

  24. Magnificent Shimmering Radiance overcomes tawdry colouration and adversity.
    It’s, like, a manifesto or a political expression, innit?

  25. @scorpius Yet my father got paid good money to reupholster couches and chairs with fabrci such as…. Tastes vary and who cares what it looks like as long as the client pays for it hey?

    John… whatever you plans, have a great weekend. Never mind what Queen Kitty thinks of it. She MAY scratch your eyeballs out, but dammit, you ARE emporer of House Scalzi, answering only to Queen Mrs. Scalzi, and Princess Ms. Scalzi. Cats can take their place behind Emporess for Life and all enternity, Madam Daisy of Canine-ia, Mistress of all she can see/sniff.

  26. She’s probably not impressed by this entry in the Chicon7 program – Stagg Field, 13:30 thursday.

    The Sartorial Uses for Smoked Meats
    You’ve made your costumes out of every possible material and
    are looking for something to give it a little extra flavor. Come and
    learn how to merge one of the latest culinary trends with traditional
    S. Germanotta, J. Stopa, Ghlaghee

    They’ve spelt her name wrong!

  27. The other members of the executive committee should be covering the absence of Chang Who Is Not Chang. Who are these remiss committee members? In order of seniority:
    smith who is also not chang
    chang who approaches chang in the limit
    bIpOlAr ChAnG who approached chang in the limit but diverged by oscillation
    unchang who is not chang and is not not chang
    Lao Tzu dreaming he is a ring-tailed bandicoot who is not chang

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