And So It Begins

My day today: SFWA board meeting, 9am – 2pm. Prep for Chicon 7 Opening Ceremonies, 2pm – 3pm. Opening Ceremonies for Chicon 7, at which I am host, 3pm – 4pm. SFWA board meeting, 4pm – 6pm. Opening night get together at the Adler Planetarium, 6:30 – onward.

Yeah, it’ll be a busy day. A supercoolawesome day, because, dude, I am Toastmaster of a friggin’ Worldcon. And that’s just about as awesome as it gets. But I won’t be about here, all day long. Sorry. Real live world takes precedence for once.

If you’re at Chicon 7, come to the opening ceremonies. We’ll have tons of fun. If you’re not here at Chicon 7, I hope you have a fun day anyway.

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